Bugreport: localhost:8000/api/foo opens Google Search

  • Problem:
    When I paste "localhost:8000/api/foo" into the address bar in Vivaldi and hit enter, instead of loading the page it searches the text in Google.
    Then if you enter http:// in front of it, it works.
    Even if the page was loaded and you adjust the address, the whole address is sent to google search.

    Expected Behaviour:
    Open the URL.

    Current installation:
    Vivaldi 1.7.735.39 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    Revision b5bc5a3efa32f49a389ebf766e3aa3c5215b6a20
    OS Mac OS X
    JavaScript V8 5.6.329

  • Moderator

    I think, this be fixed in next Snapshot.
    I cant reproduce it in my internal Vivaldi Testing browser.

  • I am having this same issue.

    "http://localhost:8888/folder1/folder2" works
    "localhost:8888/folder1/folder2" will search google.

    Should be easy to reproduce. I'm using MAMP, but I'm assuming any LAMP stack will produce the same result.

    • Create a file that is at least 2 nested folders away from server's root.
    • Start the apache server
    • Try accessing the file without http:// before localhost.

  • Moderator

    @antontsvil said in Bugreport: localhost:8000/api/foo opens Google Search:


    In my internal Vivaldi tester version i don't get this starting of a search.
    I get the internal error page.

    This site can’t be reached

    localhost refused to connect.

    And if i bind my Apache to localhost:8888 my Vivaldi shows Apache error page: Object not found!

    As i said, the Problem with 1.7 Stable will be fixed in next Stable or Snapshot.

  • I also met this problem.
    I use ROR server.
    Create an application hello_world
    While typing localhost:3000/hello_world
    it will lead to google search

  • Moderator

    As i wrote before, that is a known bug.
    You do not need to post more localhost:XXX/YYYYY/ZZZZZ examples.

    And the bug is already fixed in 1.8 Snapshot.

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