Downloading content the second time on startup

  • Hey guys,

    Really appreciate this browser. I am using Vivaldi for some time now, and I noticed my browsing has much more structure now. It's not like it was before, having tons of open tabs without any structure. (Good job on that 😉 )

    That's why I prefer to startup with the last session, instead of starting all over. But I noticed that the browser might download some files, when loading pages again on startup.
    E.g. I ended up with three times the "SpotifySetup.exe" in my downloads folder. I'm not sure whether this occurs with the "Lazy Load Restored Tabs" on. I think so, but I will test that and give an update later.

    I know that a server will send the files again, if you are restoring/loading a download link. But I wonder if it is possible to remember internally whether the file was downloaded already. And maybe hinder downloads that happen during "reload".

    It's just a little thing, not even a real issue and it does not hurt.
    But I noticed that vivaldi keeps track of downloads in past sessions, so it might be easy to implement.

    Overall I really do love this browser now!
    If something was unclear, just ask me.
    I will test the behaviour with the "Lazy Load" option now.


    Does not happen with "LazyLoad" activated. As you would expect you have to click on the tab to reload, which will download the file (again).

    But still I think it might be a good idea not to download files for the second time after reload with "LazyLoad" turned off.
    Also with "LazyLoad" turned on:
    You might want to check the tabs you opened last session, but you do not want to trigger another download by doing so.

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    Since you already understand quite well how this works and what is happening there, I would suggest you reporting this as a bug here. Make a brief description of how to reproduce that behavior and what would you expect to happen instead. If the Vivaldi team decides to do something about it, you'll see that in one of the future releases of the browser.

    BTW. Have you checked how does it work in other browsers too? I don't remember if I have ever left a tab downloading a file before leaving the session, so I'm not sure if other browsers would do the same...

  • @pafflick
    Alright, I will do this. Thanks for the link.
    I'm new here, still need to figure out the places in this community.
    And I will check other Browser's behaviour, didn't think about that.

  • I sent the report.

    Firefox is giving the responsibility to the user, by always asking what to do with the file.
    Edge download files twice, if you adjust the settings not to ask you for permission for downloads (in advanced settings).

    I figured you can adjust download settings to "always ask", what to do with incoming files. Then you would not have the problem, since you'd need to activate the download by yourself.
    But I thought it would be more convenient if you were able to use "always save files to default location" while Vivaldi will take care of duplicate downloads.

    I just sent in the bug report. Any chance I can follow the process? (If it's worth changing at all 🙂 )

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    @DaniRango No other way than keeping an eye out for new Snapshots and reading the changelogs. 😉


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