Download not working

  • After I got the latest build (1.7.735.39 (Officiel version) (32-bit)) the download is not working anymore. The save/Save As/Open dialog pops up, and what ever I choose nothing more happens.

  • That's the latest snapshot version, stable is 1.7.735.46, in case you want to install it.
    What do you have in Settings/Downloads/Default Location?

  • After downloading (with Firefox) version 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit) it is working again. Why didn't I get the update automatically? Check for updates didn't find it.

  • Stable releases don't update from Snapshot and viceversa. I know, too bad. 🙂

  • I expected the snapshots always to be at least at par with the stable channel. When it's not the case, I will just stick with the stable channel then.

  • @myhje The snapshot is only behind the stable version for a few days until the next snapshot is released. So for a few month it is ahead but after the next stable release it needs to wait maybe a week and than the cycle starts again.


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