Support for tabbed/tiling window manager

  • I'm using a tabbed window manager (ion3). Having an application which does its own tabbing is counter-productive.
    For Vivaldi this means:

    • is there a way no not use tabs at all, i.e. always operate in "open in new window" mode?
    • Vivaldi does not seem to set the Window name according to the loaded web site. This makes it impossible to distinct tabs/windows.

    Edit: OK, i found the "tabless" chrome extension, which seems to do the job. But the problem with title-less windows persists..

  • @fesc2000
    Just a thought as another user.

    For open on window:
    There's a chromium command --new-window.

    Same question as yours and how to use it in,

    Problem is, as default Chromium and also Vivaldi open link is open in tab or current.
    I don't know nor test the tabless extension you found.

    For site name on application header:
    Vivaldi has it if "use native window" set in settings.

    Problem is, Tiling/Stack WM usually didn't make use real window title or border as Floating WM. Some Tiling/Stack WM not using them at all. For maximum screen use, that's what people who use that kind of WM want. Luckily, most of those WM can be tweak to set only specific application have just title/border or both. I forgot if ion3 can. I'm OpenBox/FluxBox user.


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