Scaled down interface after updating to 1.7

  • Greetings to everyone. I need help with the following problem: after updating to 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit), interface of the Vivaldi browser is scaled down for some reason: tab names, window title, names on the speed dial, control elements (e.g. size of addons buttons, zoom slider etc.). The size of sites content is fine though. It's doesn't matter on which display I'm using it, laptop's or external, and on the laptop's display size all those elements is so tiny that I can hardly see them. Oh and, apparently, I do not have "enough privileges" to upload the screenshots <facepalm.jpg>
    Please advise what can be done to fix this problem. I really don't want to do clean re-installation (and, anyway, there is no guarantee that it will help) 😞

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    @Zug: Have you checked your UI zoom setting?

  • @Ayespy Thank you very much, it helped. I don't know have I've manged to overlook this option, because I was looking for something like this option in my tries to fix this problem. Thank you again.

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