Keyboard shortcut sometimes become no effect

  • Sometimes I have experienced that some keyboard shortcuts become no effect on a tab.
    The disabled shortcuts I have found are backspace and ctrl+cursor keys.
    Those setting has no change, and it's works fine on other tabs and new tabs.

    Win 10 Home x64 + Vivaldi x64

  • @Snowofmarch My issue with Vivaldi is that Keyboard Shortcuts for Extensions do not work like they do in Google Chrome or Opera.

  • @treego
    For you, you could try this.

    Go to Extensions Page, scroll to bottom. And click Keyboard shortcuts.
    A box will pop up.
    For my example is One Tab extension. Notice that drop down box with word "Global"?
    You can input any key combo you want in input box, as long it not conflict with you system or other programs own shortcuts. Just make sure that drop down is in Global mode. Press OK. Done.
    Yes, I know, this problematic. As it effect entire system as long Vivaldi is running.

    This different from Chromium/Chrome; there you're enough just to choose "in Chrome" in drop down. Logically, in Vivaldi, we suppose to be use "in Vivaldi".

  • @dLeon Thank you! 🙂


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