Drag & Drop from the downloaded files bar to folders or web pages

  • I think that we need the function "drag n drop" from downloaded files bar. It's easy way to order our downloads puted in other folders or even to upload this files in other web sites.
    An example is when I want to use a picture of me and I download from Facebook and want to use it in Twitter. Once that I downloaded the file I go to twitter and from the same downloads' bar I drop the picture to the edit section and voila.
    At this time we need to open the downloads folder to can do it.
    I hope my idea can be executed, and I hope help other people that thinks like me.
    Thank you and excellent work!

  • @EduCabrera I think this has the potential to be useful. I think your problem here (i.e. on this forum) is that either your English or, more probably perhaps, Google Translate or whatever it's called, is letting you down.
    I don't think this is likely to become any kind of priority, but I do think anyone happening to read this might like to consider the implications. This is not a silly idea!

  • Sorry for my bad English, I try to explain my idea, I hope a did. 🙂
    I used to much that functionality in chrome, is something that I miss a lot. I hope that in future Vivaldi's uploads we can see.

  • The fact that Vivaldi doesn't have this feature is my biggest pet peeve with Vivaldi and @Vivaldi-Team.

    @EduCabrera @LakeInHolland I don't think there is anything in English that makes it unreadable.


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