BUG REPORT: Vivaldi jams all internet

  • Hello and sorry If I opened a topic what others opened one about but if not then I find this issue rather importent. My Vivaldi freezes after 1-2 hours of usage and when it does, then theres no way of killing all processes of it, some processes stay alive either I try to terminate them separately or with the shut down process tree function. but the more irritating part comes here: I can not open any chrome based browser and ALL internet activities trough any program is blocked then until I restart my computer. Opera next did the very same in the close past is that possible that the chromeium engine got changed in opera next so thats why this bug is less common in it at this point? Anyhow I love the functionalityes of vivaldi how ever all of those were promised to be integrated into Opera next from the beginning. but I'm happy about vivaldi will probably feel like the opera that I fell in love with 6 years ago BUT with this clitch I would rather use eaven Internet Explorer instead of Vivaldi becouse of the frustration that I have to reboot every few hours. so PLEASE try to find a solution for this problem. I'm using a freshly installed win 7 64 bits version with an intel core 2 quad processor and 4 GB of ram. this error seams to corelate with the memory usage but I'm not sure about it

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    Vivaldi is a technical Preview, noct a final version. It m,ay have many bugs.
    You should TEST it, but not use for normal surfing. đŸ˜‰

  • I know that well I just say that Opera next did the same so I asume that this is a bug that has a relation to the engine or to something in the core of both

  • Opera did this ("zombie" process impossible to kill) all the times, especially when the network connection was intermittent and/or suddenly switched to a different one.

    BTW I haven't faced this anymore in the latest versions. (11.x /12.x). And I never faced this behavior in vivaldi too.

    So It's likely a coincidence…

  • anyway, try C:\Windows\System32\taskkill.exe /im vivald* /T /F

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    Sounds like you need to update your Taskmanager.
    Replace it with "Process Explorer" https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653
    Make sure it is set to show tasks in tree view.
    Right-click on the root problem task, and select "Kill Process Tree"

    Obviously this will not fix any problem but will now give you more info and control over Windows tasks.


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