Is there any way of removing the Speed Dial folder from the Bookmarks bar without deleting all of your Speed Dial entries?

  • I'd like to use both bookmarks and Speed Dial but the icon in the bookmarks bar annoys me. Can I remove it but keep my Speed Dial folder somehow? Or are bookmarks and speed dial managed the exact same way?

  • Moderator

    @somesortofthing: In the bookmarks Panel, drag the speed dial folder out of the folder you're using for the bookmarks bar. Once you have done so, you may need to right-click it and designate it as your speed dial folder again.

    Not 100% sure of this, but if you are using the root folder ("Bookmarks") as your bookmarks bar, it may not be possible to drag the speed dial folder out of it (try, anyway) If not, make a new folder, label it whatever you want (like, say, "bookmarks bar"), drag all of your bookmarks/folders except the Speed Dial one into it, and then designate it to be the folder to use as Bookmarks Bar.


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