Vivaldi Account Email Address(es); my brain hurts!!

  • Firstly, this new post is almost inevitably in the wrong Category, but i struggled to find one that was unambiguously pertinent. Apologies to the Mods; move it to wherever is more apt pls.

    Secondly, i recall previous times that similar questions to mine below have already been discussed, rather a looooooooong time ago, but none of my Searches today managed to unearth dedicated topics. I know that as soon as i write that, two dozen other users more skillful than i will effortlessly post myriad links...

    Thirdly, to the actual topic. As stated, i know that aspects of this have been previously canvassed, but i don't recall any clear outcome. I wish to resolve, once & for ever, how to get my Vivaldi user account to use / be associated with ONE & ONLY one email address for me, & for it to be the actual one i WANT.

    Current status:
    [a] I want THE email address to be my default one assigned at original sign-up: the at_vivaldi_dot_net one [whose webmail & POP3 works fine & which i actively use]. When i go to Manage User Account, it does show my correct email address.

    [b] However when i sign into my Vivaldi website account Settings,<<my name here>>, it is set to an old email account i stopped using maybe 18 months ago -- i want it to be as per #a, above.

    [c] Furthermore, yesterday my dedicated email client program on my pc began receiving apparent Team Vivaldi emails, sent to a 3rd old email address of mine that i also stopped using a while back -- if these emails are legitimate, i also want them to only use address as per #a above.

    Can any kind Vivaldi Yodas pls show me how to sort this out?

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    @Steffie: Let me poke around on this some, and ping a community manager or two, and see what's up. As I understand it presently, there are two places where the community software stores your email address - one of these you have editing power over, and the other you do not. (You should, but you don't, because ordinary users can't access these controls.) I can't edit your email addresses, either. The Community Gods, as I understand it, can. (Yes, this has been discussed, and I don't remember where.)

    As to your receipt of a newsletter, this is rather a new thing, but entirely legitimate. As best I can tell right now, the email addresses to which that newsletter is sent are not related to the community databases. In fact, I'm pretty sure the "department" that sends them is a different one - something to do with marketing. So I'm PRETTY sure @gaelle can make sure your community addresses match and are, in fact the ones you want to use (feel free to PM her), but how to correct the address to which the newsletter was sent seems a different matter. I must investigate (I sometimes do that...).

  • @Ayespy -- many thanks to you. For now i'll wait & watch [ie, not PM Gaelle just yet... maybe later if you draw a blank?].

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    @Steffie The only topic on the subject I remember is this one.

    Although there is no dedicated forum category for Vivaldi mail or user blogs services, almost every topic considering them ends up in the "Vivaldi forum" category. I must admit that your approach on choosing the proper category is quite creative - and when you think of it - it's quite logical too. 😄 I've been planning to make a request for adding dedicated mail & user blogs categories in the forums because you're not the first struggling to find a proper place for your questions... 🙂

  • @pafflick -- Now look what ya did! 🙂

    You tempted her, & GD responded with a fiery breath that incinerated my thread right out of V on the Web, & lo, back into Forum Feedback... exactly as you predicted.

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    @Steffie Yezz, i diid moove 😉

  • @Ayespy -- hiya, are you still "poking", or is it best i PM Gaelle directly? [This bump now was prompted by seeing this parallel thread;].

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    @Steffie - I think she might be on holiday or something. She hasn't answered any of my notes to her in four days. I may resort to Steinar or someone. He has Community God powers as well, I believe. I'll know better on Monday.

  • @Ayespy -- OMZ you replied fast!! Ta. OK, shall i still leave it with you then, pls?

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    @Steffie: Absolutely.


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