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  • Hi.
    Some time ago I made proposal feature for Vivaldi browser, which become no.1 all time top voted post in Vivaldi subreddit.
    alt text
    Some time later I'm writing this post only to refresh the idea, and get it more plausible to be introduced in the future.
    Comments are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

    Full color tabs is feature proposal for Vivaldi browser. It extends it's known feature of coloring active tab on the color of favicon, to all tabs. Active tab is indicated by the "shadow" which is basically gradient on the bottom of all inactive tabs, and on the sides of active tab. "Full color" tabs would have not only visual but also practical value.
    -"quicker find tab that you're looking for". Favicon are small and not that easy to spot with a glimpse. Now you'll have not only favicon but also big rectangle color theme of site.
    -"easy to spot active tab". In dark theme with color active tab some dark theme sites are difficult to spot among the rest of grey tabs.

    • "3d like effect" shadow around active tab gives you 3d illusion which looks far more interesting yet still simplistic.

    Link to reddit: or you can see picture directly below:
    alt text

  • Pretty cool - I really like the idea

  • Agree. My current tabs looks like this now.


  • Moderator

    Pretty ugly IMO, but if you post this request with a link back to this thread in the Feature Requests thread. it is more likely to get noticed.


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