Can't log in to Vivaldi blogs

  • Can't log in. Either 503 page or redirect to nothing.
    Was gonna post that, i do Seize the moment indeed, since Vivaldi just kills my PC with some tab open every time, PC just crashes, after 4 crashes Vivaldi seemed to reset everything, and no tabs open and settings reset, so, can't give the URL for the site which may have done that. This is nothing but stable.

  • @Cail: unblock 3rd party cookies, or enter and exception for and

  • @Ayespy Cheers, that's not something i'd like to do really.
    Anyways, found some URL that kills my PC every time i open it in Vivaldi:
    Works fine in every other browser, PC just dies and restarts when i open that in Vivaldi 1.7 Stable.

  • @Cail: Please open a separate topic for that, and file a bug report.

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