Does anyone see a page "jump" sometimes when switching tabs?

  • This isn't new to 1.7, as I saw it in at least 1.6 too, and probably before, but sometimes when switching among tabs, whether it be with the mouse or even using the '1' and '2' keys, there isn't a smooth transition.

    Instead, I see the page "shift" out of place just a bit--very quickly--before it shifts back and is displayed. This is very difficult to describe, and I can't figure out why it happens, but it happens quite a lot and every day.

    It seems to happen most often with pages not touched for at least a few minutes, but they are always previously loaded pages (lazy loading is off) and are not hibernated, so it's nothing to do with either of those.

    Any ideas? I haven't seen the effect in any other browser, and I think I have them all.


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