Vivaldi starts with "Sign in to Chrome" page

  • Hi everybody.

    Love Vivaldi browser, and second time trying to adopt it with the same irritating problem - every time I start the browser, it starts with all my pinned tabs as it should + an open tab on this address vivaldi://chrome-signin/?access_point=6&reason=0
    How to fix it?
    (Two of my pined tabs are Google related (gMail and Google Keep), but there I'm always logged-in)

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    @Truden: I take it you have an extension which wants you to sign in to Google.

  • @Ayespy yes, thank you very much.
    I had Google Keep extension, which requires sign in, but could never do it. Deleted the extension, and the problem is gone.
    Once again, thank you very much :)

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    @Truden :)

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