Bookmarks can be improved.....

  • Really impressed by Vivaldi release 1.7.

    I like bookmarks, and I got many of them. My Vivaldi bookmarks is a result of import from Chrome, my old default browser.

    I find the bookmark functionality one of if not the weakest part of Vivaldi. Using existing bookmarks is fine. Adding new bookmarks is time-consuming. I like to keep my bookmarks organized in different folders, add new bookmarks within Vivaldi is just a pain. Then updating them. Even worse.

    Tried different setups and a few extensions without any significant improvements.

    A third issue is using bookmarks across different devices. With Chrome I had my bookmarks always available and updated across different laptops, desktops, iPhone and iPad's. Not so with Vivaldi.

    Am I the only one?

  • @Mogle
    No... You're not alone.
    It's a me too comment.

    The bookmarks mechanism for bookmarks panel, bookmarks page, adding, sorting, dragging, editing, etc. are... well got problems.

    I post request in Feature Request for "Filter Sort" problem. For now, that's sufficient for me.

  • @dLeon

    Thanks for confirming that.

    Difficult to give advice in terms of "what needs to be done". In general the hole Bookmark functionality needs a reamp.

    Give it to some none developers to redesign. It needs a re-think.


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