Speaker icon (tab where music is playing) issues

  • Color of speaker icon is not updated

    1. select page where title bar has a light color

    2. select different page where title bar has a light color

    3. select page where title bar has a dark color

    Color of speaker remains dark and it is hard to see

    Speaker replaces icon of page

    It is confusing when icon of page is not visible especially when a lot of pages is open

    • example
      I like the idea of using already implemented solution when a really lot of pages is open all the time
    • example

  • What version of vivaldi do you use?

    For me the speaker icon is always visible (checked with accent colour on and off)

    0_1486717349180_speaker icon.png

    1.7.735.39 32bit | win 7 64bit

  • Version: 1.7.735.46 32bit

    Try folowing pages:

    1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE
    2. x-io.co.uk
    3. github.com

    Don't know if color setting of UI theme matters, but this is mine:

  • Tested the links you provided in the same order and I can reproduce this when I use your colour setting and keep Accent Color from Active Page and Apply Accent Color to Window activated at the same time.
    This was the reason why I got different results for my first test because I have only Accent Color from Active Page activated by default.

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