Pinned tabs not retained after Vivaldi update

  • I have several pinned tabs, and configured Vivaldi not to close pinned tabs (Settings, Tabs, Pinned Tabs, Don't Close Pinned Tabs).
    After updating Vivaldi using 'Check for updates' the browser is updated, and restarted. Unfortunately, the reopened browser shows my startpage, but all pinned tabs have been closed (so I have to reopen and re-pin them)
    For me this is the second update when using Vivaldi, and I had the same issue when updating from 1.5 to 1.6.

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    @GAJ: Loss of tabs/sessions with updates is a known, but slippery bug. Developers so far have been unable to replicate it. It only happened to me one time, ever, and I was unable to figure out why.

  • @Ayespy: Thanks for letting me know that this is a known bug, and that you also have experienced this (once). My count is 2 (out of 2 updates, so 100% error rate...). I will (manually) save my latest session just prior to the next update, hopefully this will enable an easier recovery. I will let you know if the loss of tabs occurs in the next update for me.

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    @GAJ - It could be related to where and how you have installed Vivaldi - if user access to the directory is not normal for your profile.


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