Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9

  • Avoir la possibilité de choisir une icone personnalisé pour un des signets.

    Having the ability to choose a custom icon for a bookmark.

  • Auto-sort/Sort-by for speeddial tiles (like in bookmark panel)

  • Bookmarks Bar Separators
    The ability to add separator lines in the Bookmarks Bar.

  • Prevent multiple Back/Forward triggers from multi-finger trackpad gestures.
    Unless I'm careful to make my multi-finger gestures very short, I often accidentally go back two pages instead of just to the last page.

  • Popup on removal (optional) when removing bookmarks/note/history entry in panel or in speeddial.

  • There is missing gesture "New tab" (not "Open link in new tab")

    Now, I can't set gesture to simply opening new tab. I can set gesture "Open link in new tab", but not just "New tab". It's uncomfortable, because sometimes I want to simply Open new tab but the cursor is actually on some link and the new tab is opening with loaded that link (but I wanted just speed dial).

    Can you add "New tab" mouse gesture? It would be very comfortable (like in old Opera). Thank you very much. Vivaldi i great browser!

  • Remember hibernated tabs from last session
    When "Startup Settings > Startup with" is set to "Last Session", remeber which tabs were hibernated in Last Session, and start up with these tabs hibernated, even if that tabs were pinned and "Always Load Pinned Tabs" is enabled.

  • Speed Dial UI: Option to reload all thumbnails (instead having a button on every dial) with a single button (maybe placed in the bottom?) or in the context menu - without switch to bookmarks view - and option to remove a dial dragging it on + button (plus on hover could become a minus).
    Official support for opacity/padding/margin/spacing is also welcome 🙂

  • Moderator

    @Hadden89: If you don't mind my asking, what's wrong with F5?

  • User interface zoom should also zoom extension popup width&height

    User interface zoom = 115%
    So I can click Play and add to Favorites
    0_1490080678921_Screenshot at 10-15-28.jpg

    User interface zoom = 150%
    can't Play or add to Favorites
    0_1490080733908_Screenshot at 10-16-17.jpg

    I have such issue on several extensions

  • @Ayespy said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    @Hadden89: If you don't mind my asking, what's wrong with F5?

    mmh... I really forgot to try it xD
    However it is more a general UI tip/request rather than a specific issue.

  • @Ayespy
    That F5 (Refresh) surprised me back then. 😆
    Before I know that F5 work, I press it on my test Speed Dial consist 50+ bookmarks. I could only stare on to my screen wondering why the CPU suddenly spike for long time.
    That's same effect if we press "Update Thumbnails" in Bookmark Manager on folder.

    For normal use, one thumbnail usually fetched/created as we visit a page.

  • Add possibility to drag and drop tile into a folder in the speed dial. Now if I've already created a tile, than created a folder and I want to move this tile into it, I need to remove the tile and than add it inside this folder. It's not convenient.

  • @gurupatikus
    Speed Dial is just a folder in Bookmarks list.
    You could manage it from your Bookmark Manager or your Bookmark panel.

  • To fix the button "Open a new tab" in the vertical list of tabs.
    alt text
    Very uncomfortable to it every time to get to, with a large number of tabs each time to rewind the list of tabs to get to the coveted button.

    Зафиксировать кнопку "Open a new tab" в вертикальном списке вкладок.
    Очень неудобно к ней каждый раз добираться при большом количестве вкладок, каждый раз отматывать список вкладок, чтобы добраться до заветной кнопки.

  • Make the scroll bar in the vertical tab bar not overlap with the tabs themselves. Push the tab bar away from the scroll bar, so the scroll bar does not cover the tabs. This is useful when all the titles for tabs are hidden and you have a lot of tabs open in the vertical tab bar configuration.
    0_1490114280588_upload-fd9e3649-4e8b-4eaa-8d69-72182691cea8 0_1490114345542_upload-89154d6f-40eb-4b6a-9b90-0750a8220050

  • i have feature request how about drag able web panels that would be a nice addition. you can see the details at here: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/15182/dragable-web-panels

  • Expander button in the sidebar: if there are many web panels, they together with the "Add Web Panel" and the Settings buttons become hidden.

  • I would like
    Native User agent switcher

    Vivaldi has many issues with certain DRM video Content the solution has been to change the user agent string I myself dont feel comfortable manually altering it for fear of a mistake but i also dont trust a 3rd party to do this

    So I propose
    the addition of a built in solution that would allow users to seamlessly switch agents without the need for manual changes or 3rd party extensions

  • New bookmark button in side panel needs to fetch information of the current web page similar to adding a bookmark from the address bar. This way you can find the exact folder you would like the bookmark to be in before bookmarking it.


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