Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9

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    Prevent media (audio/video) from auto-playing as a website permission

    It could be achieved by blocking all flash content (already possible) and preventing HTML5 audio & video from launching without user's action (click-to-play).

    With this feature, we would be able to blacklist/whitelist websites for playing media, just like we could do it with Notifications, Popups, Plugins, Location, Camera & other website permissions.

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    An option to reload the page after a certain amount of time

  • Move Hide/Show Panel Button to Right

    If the panels are on the right, the button should be on the right.
    The default is only good if the panels are on the left.

  • Allow Editing of Menus

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    Ability to re-order Search Engines

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    Follower Tab

    Once created, every link opened from within the page for which the "Follower Tab" has been created, should open in that newly created tab. This should override the target attribute in links.

    This feature is present in Opera 12 and I find it especially useful for e-mails. I hope that it will be implemented at some point, especially when the Vivaldi Mail client is finally released. 🙂

  • Do Not Show Find Toolbar with Find Next/Previous

    F3 and Shift F3 should find the next/previous occurrence of an existing text string on any tab without showing the toolbar. The Find Toolbar should, however, be shown if the search string is empty.

    Ctrl F should always show the Find Toolbar.

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    Lazy load tabs opened in the background (as an option)

    Sometimes it would be handy to be able to open multiple tabs in the background without loading their contents right away and thus slowing down your network and computer. This should also apply (optionally) to opening multiple links at once from the bookmarks menu.

  • Edit properties of added Web Panel

    Current Problem:
    The only way to edit address of an added Web Panel is by delete & re-add it.

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    Reuse already existing Private Window when opening links in private window (if there is one opened already).

    Something like this: 😃

    function ContextMenuClicked("Open Link in Private Window") {
    	if (PrivateWindowsOpened==0) {
    	else {
    		Select(NextPrivateWindow); //or last used private window

    You can check how it works in Opera 15+ (currently it's above 40, but I'm not keeping up with them anymore).

  • Proximity Search to Find Two or More Words

    E.g. Typing "Show Toolbar" would find this instance.
    0_1486642850681_Proximity Search.png

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    Override the default Chromium blank page with a customizable one...

    ... in order to avoid flashes of white, while browsing dark themed websites. From what I've learned on the Internet it's not quite possible in Chromium, so it would be nice to have some kind of a workaround for this in Vivaldi.

    Another way to achieve that could be to delay displaying web page contents by a certain (user-specified) amount of time or until the page finishes loading. Opera 12 had such feature, though it didn't always work as expected...

  • PageBar Open URL On MiddleClick

    Like in Opera 12.17 Paste and Go in a new tab with the clipboard contents. If it's a URL go to that site, if it's plain text, do a default search for that text.

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    Ability to remove downloaded files from the hard drive (directly from the download panel or vivaldi://downloads page)

  • Remember User's Last Used Settings for Clear Private Data

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    Allow turning on full-screen mode as a website permission

    With this feature, we would be able to blacklist/whitelist websites for turning on full-screen mode automatically (like eg. opening video in full-screen mode), just like we could do it with Notifications, Popups, Plugins, Location, Camera & other website permissions. Global setting to allow/disallow full-screen on all websites by default would be welcomed too. Some browsers - like IE for example - ask you to allow the site to run in the full-screen mode.

  • Easy Link Selection Like Opera 43

    • Use horizontal click-and-drag to select the text.
    • Use vertical click-and-drag to drag the link.

  • @zaibon There is already something like this: CTRL + F11.
    Is this what you mean?

  • Personal Bar!

    Back in the days of Opera there was the possibility to assign a subset of the Bookmarks to a personal bar, which could be placed to the left or right side.
    PLEASE implement this! I found this very convenient to quickly navigate to or update my usual sites with one click.
    The bookmark/panel wastes too much space, especially when the bookmark collection is nested.

    And the bookmark bar is only top/bottom, i would have to duplicate my favorites to top-level, and i see the whole archive of bookmarks i don't want to see for quick-access to favorites.

    What comes close to this is to open my favorite sites and pin the tabs (and put the tab bar to the right, the layout is just perfect). But navigating sooner or later changes the URL the pinned tab refers to, so it becomes useless. So maybe add the option to "lock" a tab, which is the same as pinned but has a fixed URL that never changes ...

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    Custom thumbnails for Speed Dial items, including folders


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