Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9

  • More to do with the web site than the browser itself.
    Please provide either:

    1. a consistent URL for downloading the latest stable and snapshot versions. So something like:
      redirects to
      redirects to

    or ideally

    1. a URL which returns something like this:

  • I'd like to get rid of Home button too, and to reorder extensions! Also it would be nice to move extension buttons to other panels (e.g. in Firefox I move some extensions to tabbar).

  • @nathanchere
    Isn't it more clear if the version just there?
    So downloader/user know that's the right one.
    Instead vague link name like "installer_stable.{exe|deb|rpm}".

    For Snapshot probably less change get in main download page.

    • It's come out irregularly, sometime fast (like these past 2 days) or in long span. It could mean keep updating the download page.
    • It's not the recommended/official one. Snapshot targeted to us, the crazy one, like keep in touch with fire.

  • Must-have! It is so easy to click that 'X', and tile is deleted w/o any confirmation...

  • Do you mean something like Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chromium) extension?

  • It seems that maximize/restore action is performed, not resizing... And it would be really better to create a new tab instead.

  • @yegweber,
    Recently I've opened old Opera 12 just to download all private messages on some forum using link panel... So it is useful!

  • Moderator

    @MVV_ I don't use any of them. I meant something like the Opera 12's support for custom scripts/stylesheets.

  • @pafflick,
    I use Greasemonkey for userscripts in Firefox, and userscripts in Opera 12 have the same format. And it seems that Tampermonkey is the extension for userscripts in Chromium. You can try it, it is very popular.

  • Classic browser titlebar with web page title and application icon
    I've switched to system window style in settings, but it only adds an empty titlebar... Please add classic titlebar with page title and application icon (or Vivaldi icon may be zoomed a bit like in modern Windows programs like MS Word).
    Classic window title

  • Horizontal sidebar header (like in Opera 12)
    Please add an option to make sidebar header horizontal, it tooks less space than long vertical one.
    Sidebar header above sidebar

  • Custom JS as a gesture action
    Please add an action to execute custom JS code to allow e.g. calling commands from extensions.

    E.g. I use FireGestures plugin in Firefox and call my addon's commands via events from custom JS commands, so I've assigned Right gesture with Next/FastForward command (like it was in old good Opera 12).

    var evt = document.createEvent("Events");
    evt.initEvent("FastForward::combinedForward", true, false);

    Or is there some other (existing) way of doing such things?

  • Check/uncheck all visible items in history
    On history page, there is a filter and a checkbox near every URL... but I have to click every URL separately to remove multiple items related to searched keyword. Check/uncheck all button would be really useful there.
    Toggle all visible

  • Customizeable colors for all UI elements (popup menus, page background etc)
    Currently page background color is somehow selected automatically depending on panel background color, so user can't set this color manually. Some colors can't be set at all. E.g. even with dark/black page/panel backgrounds popup menus still have eye-blinding white color.
    Ugly white popups

  • @MVV_ Ctrl A works fine to select all. Or, Click on the first, then Shift + Click on the last.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    @MVV_ said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    E.g. even with dark/black page/panel backgrounds popup menus still have eye-blinding white color.

    I want to use the light themes but cannot handle the white bookmark panel background. It blinding and I find it strange a UI element like that is white. I'd love to be able to set it grey.

  • @Pesala,
    Thanks, Shift+Click really selects a range, it was unexpected on web page.
    Ctrl+A juse selects all text on a page, but doesn't toggle checkboxes.
    Anyway, I think such checkbox will be useful for users, and it is a quite standard element.

  • @dLeon It's for automated / unattended / scripted installs, not for a human going to a download page and picking what link they want to download. From your response you are clearly not the target audience for this kind of feature.

  • @MVV_ You must be using an old version. There are no checkboxes in the history tab. Ctrl A selects all entries filtered by the search, and delete clears them from history. This also works in the history panel.

  • Sort search engines!
    Currently, it is a pain to find a specific search engine if, like me, you have dozens of them in the drop-down menu. An option to sort them alphabetically or, better, manually would be highly appreciated.


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