Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9

  • Add the bookmarks to the horizontal menu like in opera 12

  • Add some sort options for the bookmarks.
    I would like to have an easy way to sort them all alphabetically, but all folders first.

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    @Ayespy Yeah, I've seen that too and also thought that @Maujas was talking about the SD at first. However, the issue occurs only on the bookmarks bar and several people have asked for this already and thus it made me withhold my reply (which was about to be the same as the one made by @craftbrewmaster).

    I'm not sure where do those "translation issues" come from. Some of them might be due to language differences - some phrases translated from English literally may sound odd, confusing or even make no sense at all. But there are usually only a very few exceptions like these - in most cases, you can translate everything without making up new names for features...

  • @GHSRobert said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    @Isildur Very similar to Isildur's request, and here is my two pennies (originally posted here):

    Match multiple strings in address bar

    The address bar only supports single entry to match now. That is to say, a space entered would be treated as part of the matching string, so it seems that Vivaldi only accept a single and consecutive string to look up in the address bar.

    I think it would be nice to allow multiple strings, separated by spaces, to speed up looking up for browsing history and bookmarks. For example, I can type goo first to bring up a lot of history and bookmark items, then I type a space and viv to narrow the results to Vivaldi-related Google search pages.

    Yes, I was requesting exactly that. (If any of my wording was unclear, I apologize.)

    The only difference, I think, was that I was also suggesting having that multi-term searching enabled for the "Search..." field that's on the Speed Dial>Bookmarks page, as well. (For that matter, it would be nice if the "Search..." fields in the Bookmarks, History, and Notes panels all worked that way, too.)

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    @rabe85 I think for this a split Bookmark panel like O12 is needed? I hope a split panel will come.

  • @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    @craftbrewmaster He/she was most likely talking about the bookmarks bar. This issue has been raised already, at least several times.

    Ah, yes, the Bookmarks Bar is where I can repro the issue. Regardless of a user's first language, referring to the feature as it is named in the application will reduce confusion. There is a Bookmarks Panel, and a Bookmarks Bar. I'm not certain what the name for the Bookmarks interface in a new tab is called, which is why I tested there as well when "express panel" was used.

    I pretty much always have the panel showing in my interface, so I don't have the Bookmarks Bar turned on. That's why when I saw panel, I was like, wait what? But I went into settings, checked the box for Show Bookmarks Bar, and could reproduce the issue where right-clicked opened in a new tab.

  • A big feature that could be developed for 1.9 or maybe an experimental version in 1.8 is a Memory Optimization feature. Basically, a setting to enable a single renderer process and a setting which purges the memory between set interval times. By having these settings, there would not be many processes active which would reduce the memory consumption or at least be kept at a certain percentage. If anyone wants to know where I got this suggestion from, check out Cent Browser. I have used it before and the memory optimization settings which do indeed keep the memory consumption down.

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    @craftbrewmaster said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    as it is named in the application

    Features are named differently in different languages. Translations are figurative, not literal. Vivaldi is, I think, published in 53 different languages for the UI.

  • As I haven't seen it on the list yet...

    Pop-out / Picture in Picture mode support for Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.

    This is something that Opera has added recently, and Firefox is in the process of adding. Its purpose is, at least for me, the access to player controls without actually switching tabs. As of now, there's nothing even remotely like this feature without extensions.

  • @Ayespy said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    @craftbrewmaster said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    as it is named in the application

    Features are named differently in different languages. Translations are figurative, not literal. Vivaldi is, I think, published in 53 different languages for the UI.

    Ah, yes, that can lead to confusion when discussing them in a common forum. I see, said the blind man to the deaf woman.

  • @Guilimote this is the last thing holding me back on opera 12

  • Clear History of a particular Domain
    An option to clear all the history of particular domain like www.google.com/*.

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    @NaruEon: I believe you will soon be able to group history by domain and then clear it.

  • @NaruEon I'd be happy to have some kind of "domain blacklist" so Vivaldi can automagically clear all private data (including history, cookies, typed address list, ...) from this domains after exit.

    For example it should wipe all traces of browsing Facebook at once

  • auto hide find bar after few second or Ctrl + F again to close find bar

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    @rabe85 It is working on it. There are more things untranslated which are made of chrome. Just wait ­čśë

  • Notes font customization

    • Bold, Italic
    • Font size
    • Font color

  • @toxpal The trash is already at the bottom of the list with bookmarks' naming sorting.

  • @craftbrewmaster
    I have some folders with bookmarks on my express panel (sorry, I can't figure how this thingy is called in English but I attached a screenshot below, probably it's the bookmarks bar as @pafflick mentioned). Right-clicking on any of links in these folders just opens it in another tab. I can edit them only from bookmarks menu on a side panel, which is quite uncomfortable sometimes.

    alt text

  • Allow reordering of grouped tabs with drag&drop on the preview


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