Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9

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    Ability to place the address and tab bar directly above the content pane. The will make mouse moves - back and forth across the screen from the nav buttons to the content scrollbar - much shorter.


  • Text only vertical tab cycler

    The current tab cycler pop up uses thumbnails horizontally with the current selection in the middle and only displays the page title of the selected tab. A tab cycler like Opera (the real one) used to have, vertical list with just the page names, would be much easier to use and manage, especially with more than the 7 tabs the current cycler can display.

  • Browser startup speed

    My biggest gripe at this point is the slow startup speed from both cold and warm start compared to other browsers such as Pale Moon, Firefox and Chrome.

  • Double clicking empty space above address bar (where tabs are located) opens a new tab (like in old Opera) instead of resizing window.

  • Link opener behavior for Mouse button & Keyboard

    1. The link opener behavior should be always control by user, not the website & javascript. Vivaldi need to give this control back to user.

    2. Please add setup for "Open link in current/background/new tab" for all mouse buttons. Example: Left-click for open in current tab, & middle-click for background tab, & extra button to do more stuff.

    1. The main missing is that there is no synchronizing functions (for bookmarks, for themes, for options, for magic fill, for passwords and for extensions). Maxton has all of this ! I have many computers, home, laptop, work and synchronizing is an extraordinary benefit. This is the main missing that I remain with Maxton.

    1. you cannot change the order of folders in quick access window using drag and drop

    1. you have not an options to not use a capture image of the selected site. Maxton has the option to use caption text as image.

    1. Bookmarks bar shortcut for links has the same white icon, not the favicon of the used site. If you want to use "Only icon" you have many icons alike, that is a problem !

  • History Window, theme compliant
    Having theme set to dark, I'm always "scared" to search history. It's an aggressive eyeballs kicker...

  • @Tratak You seem to be replying to your own posts. Use the green reply button, rather than the blue reply link.

    If by "Quick access window" you mean the speed dial, the folders on the Navigation bar at the top are in alphabetical order. You could arrange them in your preferred order by using number or letter prefixes. I think folders in speed dials can be dragged and dropped, just like individual speed dial thumbs.

  • cookies, exception to "session only"
    to keep settings of pages of interest, e.g. dark theme of duckduckgo.

  • @Pesala Thank you for the green button !
    Yes, I mean speed dial. Sorry !
    No. In speed dial, if I create a new folder and I want to put in front of an older one, I could not do it. I have to remove all folders in front of I want to put the new folder.
    Maxton has also a capability to place icons of speed dial in an other row, even if the existing row is not yet filled. So, I can put in a single column all Google related sites, in another column all image related sites, all in a folder (”Most used icons”).

    EDIT: I have windows 7

  • @Tratak Please upvote existing posts rather than making the same request again.

    @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    Custom thumbnails for Speed Dial items, including folders

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    @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    Add "Open Link" option to the context menu.

    It's been added in the Snapshot 1.8.755.3. 😊

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    @D0J0P said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    Option to make hibernated tabs grayscaled on startup.

    It's been added in the Snapshot 1.8.755.3. 😃

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    @Sonic72 said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    Move Inspect to the bottom.

    It's been fixed in the Snapshot 1.8.755.3. 😉

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    @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    Ability to select "clickable" text

    This has been fixed in the Snapshot 1.8.755.3 for both links and other page elements that triggered onClick events when the text was being selected. I'm impressed by the progress that has been made here! WOW! 😃

    BTW. @jonmc said in Create Notes from drag and drop – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.8.755.3

    Not possible to select text of a link as drag and drop is triggered: bundle Select-Like-A-Boss (VB-9048)

    I don't know how much is there from the "Select-Like-A-Boss" extension (if anything), because I've tried it once but got rid of it as soon as it caused trouble (some page elements were flickering while I was selecting the text), but fortunately I don't see any fo that weird behavior in the new Snapshot. Good job!

  • @Tratak I mean folders from the upper ribbon of the Speed Dial, not the ones like links

  • Add a new API to the chrome API, to enable extensions to add options/commands to the Quick Command menu

    This will enable you to click a shortcut and type a word, instead of clicking at least two times with the mouse. ( it is very annoying to switch when you are in the keyboard mode 😃 ) This will enable you to preform a TON of actions without Remembering SO many shortcuts, and along side with removing the extensions clutter from the tool bar.

    This will specifically affect people who do a lot of keyboard work bloggers/writers, programmers, geeks.

    This will be so useful when writing/coding in a Word Processor/IDE/Terminal and continuously switching to the browser with ALT-TAB to search/translate/check the documentation, as this will allow you to use all extensions without touching a mouse.

    This will lead to the start of a Vivaldi Store with Vivaldi ONLY extensions, bec. of the new API 👌🏽

    Note: you can just add the entries the extensions add to the keyboard shortcut list in the vivaldi://extensions page.
    This will be way easier and compatible with all chrome extensions


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