Vivaldi and Keepass

  • I wanted to ask if it will be possible to use Vivaldi with Keepass

  • It is already possible but not as easily as with other browsers. Vivaldi doesn't change main application's Title to match the Title of the active tab. Instead application's Title is always "Vivaldi".
    I consider this as a bug because every other browser changes the title and as such works well with KeePass.

    KeePass has Auto-type feature which fills passwords when key combination is pressed (Ctrl+Alt+a by default). Title of the active window is very important because KeePass uses that when choosing which password to use with Auto-type feature.

    Currently user has to select password and "Perform Auto-type" manually from KeePass, which works OK but is not as convenient as with every other browser.

  • How did you get KeepassHTTP working?
    The ChromeIPass extension works with Vivaldi but there is no database recognized and KeepassHTTP is also not recognized.

  • the same here i have try some time but it dosnt find the KeepassHTTP

  • I suppose the thread opener is not using any extension but is using the KeePass application directly. When KeePass is running it is enough to press Ctrl+Alt+A to have username and password to be automatically typed in any running application not only your browser. This works also great with remote desktop sessions or telnet applications. But as already stated, this works only if the title of the current window changes with its content, i.e. displays the title of the web site in your browser tab. Otherwise KeePass can not decide on choosing the correct set of credentials.
    Having a speaking title is also very helpful when using the browser with several windows instead of tabbed browsing.

    I'd really like to see this fixed. But Vivaldi is getting better every week thus I'm quite hopeful that this will follow soon 😎

  • KeePass (the Application, not extension) is working perfectly now when Window title was fixed in version Thanks!

  • Actually I reported this as a bug since version 0 released. The problem was that Vivaldi showed as windows title for all tabs and all websites just the same name, basically:


    And nothing more. So there was no way to differentiate between websites opened in different tabs.

    I want to confirm since 2 versions back Vivaldi is correctly exposing the website title in Windows for each tab, so plugins, extensions as well Windows softwares that interacts with websites and needs to identify by name, like in this case, KeePass will work correctly.

    Just download the latest version and it will work. Great job Vivaldi team.

    This was my number 1 feature missing so far.

    Now the only big thing missing for me is detaching tabs so you can send it to another monitor.

  • +1 for this.

    Using KeePass auto-type (CTRL+ALT+A) with the browser is essential for me as well. Works fine with Opera and Chrome.

    Not working with latest build Win x64.

  • Does Auto-Type work for use? KeePass doesn't fill anything in the login form. Seems that a focus is missing.

  • are there any new insights? keepass does not seem to recognize any url in the latest build (i just started with vivaldi, so no idea if older builds were working :)). do i have to enable it somewhere that vivaldi puts the url in the task title?


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