Feature request: Personal Bar (left or right side)

  • Back in the days of Opera there was the possibility to assign a subset of the Bookmarks to a personal bar, which could be placed to the left or right side.
    PLEASE implement this! I found this very convenient to quickly navigate to or update my usual sites with one click.
    The bookmark/panel wastes too much space, especially when the bookmark collection is nested.

    What comes close to this is to open my favorite sites and pin the tabs (and put the tab bar to the right). But navigating sooner or later changes the URL the pinned tab refers to, so it becomes useless. So maybe add the option to "lock" a tab, which is the same as pinned but has a fixed URL that never changes ...

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    @fesc2000 There is already a Bookmarks Bar. Right-click any folder in the Bookmarks panel to assign it to be the Bookmarks Bar. Enable the Bookmark bar in Settings, Bookmarks.

    Add a request to place it at the side to the Feature Requests thread.

  • The bookmark bar is only top or bottom, not left/right. This is problematic if you have many top-level elements in text+icon mode.

    Alternatively i can use the bookmarks in the panel, but there it is a waste of space. And a deep hierarchy is hard to navigate (i don't see much of the text any more ..).

    The layout of the tab bar is just perfect, but i can't put static elements there. There must have been a reason for the Opera 12 folks to have invented the personal bar ..

    (I though i posted this in feature requests .. sorry).

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    @fesc2000 said in Feature request: Personal Bar (left or right side):

    a deep hierarchy is hard to navigate (i don't see much of the text any more ..).

    The latest versions have an option for Tree Search. Right-click in the Bookmarks Panel, and select the Tree search from the Settings menu at the bottom of the context menu. If you have lots of bookmarks and deeply nested folders you should not wasting your time with navigating complex menu structures.

    • Add very frequently used bookmarks to the Speed Dial
    • Add those that you use daily to the Bookmarks Bar
    • Assign nicknames to the less frequently used
    • Use the Bookmarks Panel search for those you rarely use.

  • @Pesala

    I think i am alone with my lazyness 🙂
    I don't use the speed dial much, since it's
    a) two clicks (open speed dial + open site)
    b) adds another tab, and i don't like having too many tabs open.
    I just want to open a different site with one click in the current tab.

    Marking specific entries in the bookmarks as "favourite" is cleaner and less effort than moving ("Move to Bookmark Bar folder") or copying them around (ends up with duplicates, or entries are moved out of their hierarchy where they are supposed to be, favorite or not).

    Having a large collection of bookmarks, the search/rename feature is really great. My point was, even with the search feature the entries are displayed indented. Beginning with level 4, there isn't much text any more, i.e. i have to enlarge the panel to be able to read the text (and reduce the size afterwards if i found what i were looking for).
    But i think it's not the point of the original request .. besides that it requires having the favorites on the top-level for quick navigation.

    (From other tools, i know of a different method for tree selection, where the panel is vertically split into two parts: The lower part shows the indented tree without leafs, together with a select button for each tree element. The upper part shows all leaf elements (unindented) from the selected tree elements. I find this much more convenient ... ).

  • @fesc2000
    Maybe I also can't get the gist of your request.

    Why not add that subset of bookmarks as "Web Panel"?
    You got two thing from this.

    • Your site will always available as mobile/desktop version.
    • You can right click on its icon & use "Open in..." context menu. Act like bookmark.

    Side Panel header can be toggle hide/unhide with shortcut. So you could show it only when needed.
    I mentioned shortcut because the icon toggle for it is in status bar. I also hide status bar.

    Side note.
    I usually add some stuff to my favorite bookmarks name. Like;

    • name ``
    • name ??
    • name ##
      That way I don't depend to any browsers/extensions ability to mark favorites.

    With that naming, I easily get my favorites just by using ``, ??, ## in bookmark search.

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    @fesc2000: I'm with you. I've been agitating for this for two years - and I will keep the pressure on the developers until one of them cracks... 🙂

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    @dLeon: We need to be able to have panels on one side of the browser and a vertical bookmark bar on the other side. It's optimum for my work flow, especially when the email client arrives, and I have to have both of them visible at once. Bookmarks bar right next to my right-side tabs. That's what's needed.

  • @dLeon

    Yes, i tried using web panels. But "Open in"->"Current Tab" ist just too much clicking for me.
    What i also tried with web panels:

    • Adding a reference to a local html document there with links to favorites, which looks promising.
    • Adding a link to a bookmark manager site/extension there (xmarks in mobile view).
      I have to spend some more work to have this all behave correctly, like having it open the links in the current window and not create a new tab for everything.

    But in the end i always come back to the layout of the vertical tab bar, which is just perfect regarding gui integration, "responsiveness" and used screen space. The panel with bookmarks or web panels uses much more screen space (which does matter if you don't have a wide screen).
    If it would just let me add my favorites there as static button...


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