Opening overflow bookmarks in new tabs

  • With the 1.7 update, I'm no longer able to open overflow bookmarks in a new tab by right-clicking or middle-mousing. By overflow bookmarks, I mean the dropdown arrow for "More bookmarks" that appears at the end of the bookmark bar if it's full.

    overflow button

    Bookmarks in the main bookmark bar provide me with the expected functionality: context menu on right-click, new tab on middle mouse, but both mouse 2 & 3 open the bookmark in the current tab if they're in the overflow.

    I never had the context menu in the overflow before 1.7 either, but mouse 2 & 3 would at least open the bookmark in a new tab, and mouse 1 would open in the current tab. Having mouse 2 be a context menu and mouse 3 open a new tab would be preferable, but I would be happy with the old functionality too.

    I know there's an option to have all bookmarks open in a new tab, but I like having the simple current-tab functionality as well without having to use the context menu. Are there any other options I'm maybe not aware of, or perhaps an extension that corrects this behaviour?

    Also, in case it's relevant:
    Version: 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    OS: Windows 10 Pro x64, Ver 1607 14393.693

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    I've explained the probable reasons for RMB (it applies to MMB as well) not working as expected in bookmarks bar's context menus here. Although I was talking about the lack of context menu on a bookmarks bar's context menu, the reasons for this are most likely the same. Vivaldi devs have yet to address this issue...

  • @pafflick Ah, that makes a lot of sense. I'm surprised this would be functionally different than Chromium, but perhaps there's a good reason for it; this design is reminiscent of Opera 12. Not sure what would have prompted the behavioural change between 1.6 and 1.7 though, as even though the context menu wasn't present before, MMB/RMB still provided different functionality.

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    Then it must be a regression since 1.6, therefore, report this as a bug here and describe what has been broken since the last version. The rest you can report as a feature request in a separate bug report or in the feature request thread.

  • @pafflick I submitted a bug report, thanks for your help.

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    Confirmed VB-25690 "right-mouse/middle-mouse no longer open overflow bookmarks in a new tab"

  • I didn't see this mentioned in the 1.8 stable release notes, but I wanted to add that: after updating this morning, this functionality has returned to what it was in versions <1.7. I can use middle-mouse and right-click to open overflow bookmarks in new tabs again.


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