Nuova stabile 1.7

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    E come dice Jon von Tetzchner "cogli l'attimo con Vivaldi 1.7" Seize the moment with Vivaldi 1.7.
    Le novità più succulente sono la possibilità di fare gli screenshot totali o parziali delle pagine e la gestione dei suoni delle pagine, ma l'elenco delle nuove caratteristiche è decisamente lungo, senza contare tutti i bug sistemati.

    [New feature] Screenshot capture screenshot of entire page, selected parts of a page or the UI (VB-24136)
    [New feature] Mute/unMute tab Quick Command actions and mapable keyboard shortcut, mouse gestures: “Mute/unmute Tab”, “Mute Other Tabs”, “Mute All Tabs”, “Unmute Other Tabs” and “Unmute All Tabs” (VB-21377)
    [New feature] Add an extra warning for http websites that request passwords (VB-23666)
    [New feature] Pinned tab hibernation is seperately configurable (VB-24675)
    [New feature] Add more menu items to document context menu: Copy Page Address, Validate, Fullscreen, Bookmark Page, Bookmark Link (VB-25051)
    [New feature] Add support for opening download images in the browser itself (VB-24069)
    [New feature] Scrolling should zoom the page when mouse is over the zoom slider (VB-2119)
    [New feature][Address field] Add setting to configure top level domain expansion with Ctrl+Enter (VB-24975)
    [New feature][Bookmarks] Add support for displaying tree structure while searching (VB-24724)
    [New feature][Bookmarks] Let it be possible to add bookmarks from open pages from bookmark tree context menu (VB-25095)
    [New feature][Bookmarks][Notes] Make it possible to choose between flat and tree search in bookmarks and notes: change mode via panel context menu (VB-25091)
    [New feature][Downloads] Transfer complete notification (VB-752)
    [New feature][Extensions] Context menus for extension’s buttons (VB-9681)
    [New feature][Extensions] Component extensions can’t be hidden and re-added in the same session (VB-25060)
    [New feature][Notes] Add area selection capture to notes (VB-25162)
    [New feature][Notes] Add support for displaying tree structure while searching (VB-24823)
    [New feature][Notes] Ctrl+Shift+C should copy marked text to note (VB-4018)
    [New feature][Search field] Add Paste and Go right-click in search field (VB-21366)
    [New feature][Sessions] Allow to save only tabs from current window when saving Session (VB-14104)
    [New feature][macOS] Enable native notifications by default (VB-15151)
    [New feature][Windows][Linux]Let Ctrl+PageUp/Down select prev/next visible tab by default (VB-24877)
    [New feature][Windows][Linux] Main menu is lacking keyboard accessibility for CJK (VB-24851)

    E adesso attendiamo lo sviluppo del prossimo ramo 1.8 per scopre che nove funzioni implementeranno.

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