vivaldi://newtab bug

  • Hi,

    Vivaldi 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (64-bit) running on Ubuntu 16.04.

    When using a custom new tab chrome extension and setting new tab behaviour to vivaldi://newtab in tab settings, Vivaldi opens a Google search page instead of the new tab content. vivaldi://newtab is displayed in the address bar and if I hit enter then it correctly loads the content. For some reason it fails to load when I click the + icon to open a new tab. Also it's odd that it open a Google search page despite setting duckduckgo in the search settings and it searching with duckduckgo normally.

    Ah, I did find just now that setting new tab behaviour to 'chrome://newtab' works fine and Vivaldi automatically displays 'vivaldi://newtab' as the url.

    This works fine on the Windows build without requring chrome://newtab in place of vivaldi://newtab.

    Possibly not a bug...

  • @micronaut
    In Vivaldi setting use chrome://newtab if you use custom new tab extension.


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