Improve the look of the Vivaldi Button

  • I do not like the look of the vivaldi button, and I do not think it's the ordinary user. I know that some will say that "vivaldi is for experienced users" but the same ones that comment on this should be considered because we also have the so-called "common users" who like Vivaldi like all of us. I confess that as a web developer I do not like this type of menu, as the browser itself is already stylish because it does not give a new look to the vivaldi button?🙇🏾

  • I am pretty sure over time we'll get the possibility to change a lot more - but why would you change the logo?
    Or let me ask it the other way around: what is it you don't like and what would you change?
    Btw personally I like them both (the red/white and the grey/white)

    (Or did I get you wrong and you were talking about the menu itself instead?)

  • @zaibon
    You misunderstood me, it's in the way the menu is displayed (when you click the V on the tab side). For example I will take as base the menu of Opera or Firefox with icons next to the options.
    Note: Taste of the Vivaldi logo seems an original thing to me.😁

  • Ah okay - my bad - and yes I have to agree that the menu itself looks a bit "basic" there definitely is some room for polishing left. ^^

  • In my modest opinion should be given a "special" look at this part of the browser, because in itself only Vivaldi is already stylish but the menu does not follow the "standards".


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