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  • is apparently operated from Iceland and I have read comments praising Iceland's strict privacy laws. However, when I visit it is served by a Cloudflare server in Costa Rica. Cloudflare is a US company so is the server subject to US law and surveillance?

  • Hi Terryphi

    Yes you are correct we are using Cloudflare as our CDN , caching our static content , css and js (minifying). We had experienced latency issues with in the beginning when serving it only from our servers in Iceland.

    So anyway we started looking at CDN's and ended up with cloudflare , after talking with them and how they are handling the data.

    Cloudflare overview:


    privacy and security policy:

    Our mailserver is not connected to cloudflare or any CDN for that matter , so mail data is only stored and served from Iceland.

    We are still trying to optimize the site for performance , and is still very much in development. We value all your input, comments or suggestions on how we can improve the site , security and privacy.

    thank you for your post.

  • Hi donj,

    Thanks for the clarification. I am pleased to see that mail data is stored in, and served from, Iceland only. That was my concern.

  • Thanks for precisions

  • Yes, this is important information, considering today's conditions of NSA and related activities.

    I suggest that this is added ASAP to the FAQ page.

  • @donj:

    We are still trying to optimize the site for performance , and is still very much in development.

    Simple indicator:

    ```everything above 5 is not really good, not even for a complex forum page. I know some that are at about 2 and lightning fast even without CDN …
    31 linked scripts, 11 linked CSS (all in all 42 roundtrips even without additional elements like images) with multiple overwrites of set properties aka reflow or stop painting until the poor browser has calculated it ...
    Yes, I know that it is a hell of a lot of work to reduce that to a minimum - especially if it is foreign and uglyfied code - but I am positively sure that it will vastly improve the response, transmission and rendering time if it is done.

  • thanks we will look into that 😃

  • <small>@donj:</small><br><blockquote>We are still trying to optimize the site for performance , and is still very much in development.</blockquote><br />Quick, few, extra things on the source.<br /><br />@type isn't needed on SCRIPT.<br />@type isn't needed on STYLE.<br />@type isn't needed on LINK for stylesheets.<br />The charset META could be just <meta charset="utf-8" />.<br /><br />All the void elements (including BR) don't need to be closed with " />" and can just end with ">" (" />" also doesn't make authoring any easier as you still have to know which elements are void). @xmlns and @xml:lang are not needed on HTML. Same with the CDATA stuff in the textContent for SCRIPTs. Yes, you don't have to quote attribute values either in HTML, but not quoting them is yucky, so I'm not suggesting that. (Ignore all that if you really need a polyglot document for XML compat and if so, you should be following if you're not already).<br /><br />Fixing the above would help the site be more in the essence of HTML5. But, it will also shrink the amount of data that has to be sent to the browser. The amount saved is insignificant by itself (especially with the page being compressed). But, with lots of page views and forum pages not being cached, it could help in the long run. (So could other things of course, so not saying the above is a huge deal or anything. More of just me noticing HTML5 sites including attributes that are not needed.)

  • Ambassador

    I could be wrong, as I am not 100% up on the laws of the U.S., but I have the idea that any data (even passing through) a server or hub based in the U.S. (or its protectorates) is deemed as a target by the TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms).

  • Vivaldi Team


    I suggest that this is added ASAP to the FAQ page.

    FAQ is updated now.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Ambassador

    Just thouhgt you may be interested in the following article regarding the "NSA intercepts routers, servers to slip in backdoors for overseas surveillance"

    (Also reported on TechCrunch.)

  • Just curious if this is the still the case of Vivadi's physical servers, or if their have been any breakthroughs with latency?.

    Its great that email is being managed in Iceland and that Vivaldi is interested in the privacy of its users.

    Privacy is such a huge deal and it seems like more and more of peoples liberties are being taken for granted. Thank you for the work you do vivaldi !

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