Google Chrome Menu?

  • I want the 3 vertical dots that Chrome has for its menu on Vivaldi. How can I do this?

    alt text

  • @hiacios
    You can't. Vivaldi has it's own GUI. Different from Chromium/Chrome.

    To accommodate "features" in Vivaldi some aspects need to be build from scratch. Part of that are Window & Tab.

  • I really need the Chrome menu because Vivaldi's doesn't let be able to go through my history easily.

  • I hate having to go to a new tab to check my history. It is way easier the way chrome has it.

  • I really don't see the purpose of this menu. You still have Vivaldi's menu any time you press Alt. Vivaldi has integrated these features into its GUI better than chrome has. Recent tabs in the trash can; history, downloads, and bookmarks in the sidebar and start page; zoom at the bottom right corner; etc. Also, the commands listed there such as Ctrl+T, Ctrl+N, and Ctrl+Shift+N are the same in Vivaldi (unless, of course, you changed them).

  • To access your history you can use

    • crtl+H to open a new tab with your history

    As long as you use one of the latest snapshots you can even do the following (otherwise you need to wait for the upcoming stable which probably will be released in a few days)

    • open the side panel via F4 and click on the clock icon
    • you can even give the history sidepanel a shortcut in Settings --> Keyboard --> View --> History Panel so it pops out immediately and you don't even have to click on the icon anymore

    Just a guess but the last option should suit you pretty well given that you don't want to leave the site you're on while still browsing your history

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    @hiacios: and it'll soon be 'way easier the way Vivaldi has it.

  • @zaibon Damnit! I came back too late to edit my previous post.

    For RC2 or 1.7.735.39 they deactivated the history sidepanel - see the blog-outtake below

    Known issue
    Following feedback from the previous snapshot and more internal testing we have decided to disable the history panel for 1.7. While we continue to believe that it is a great feature, more work is needed to bring it up to the standard that you, our users expect. It will be back and even better in the future!

    So to activate it nevertheless you need to go to vivaldi://experiments and enable New History Page than restart Vivaldi.
    In addition you even get to peak at the new history page (work still in progress!!) which will be available in a new tab right beside the "History" entry called "History in the Making"

    Please note: It is called experiments for a reason so it might work for you or don't


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