Browser misbehaving

  • The browser is acting up. I am in the middle of a task on a site and suddenly the browser goes back to a previous page and keeps going. any idea what may be causing this? Thanks

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    any idea what may be causing this?

    No idea. :expressionless:

    You don't give much info.

    • What site?
    • What task?
    • What anything else?

  • @dLeon happens on anysite i am on from a CRM site to Facebook, Email client, etc Can happen when I am typing in a field, or putting in the url for a different site. running windows 10

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Vivaldi version?
    Since when it's happening?
    Did you try to disable all extensions and or Vivaldi clean profile?
    I assume you're not enable "Single key shortcut" since "Z" by default is "History back"

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