vararray online?

  • Anyone familiar with seeing this in Vivaldi?

    Shows up in a tab when V is first started. Originally thought it was part of an extension that was installed. Haven't been able so far to track down its origin.

    Wondering if I should just clean install and start over?


    here it's considered suspicious. if the tab shows up after you close it, I'd say you have some browser hijack. If doesn't show up again, probably was opened by some other site (ads and what not). Use some ad-blocker like ublock origin and block, or even add in your hosts file

  • Thanks @iAN-CooG

    Tab is showing on start after machine boots but not on browser restart.

    Will add it to the hosts file unless re-installing Vivaldi makes more sense.

  • a system check against malware is advised in any case.

  • Did that yesterday and nothing showed.

    Thanks for your responses.

  • @escolar

    Tab is showing on start after machine boots but not on browser restart.

    If that's the case the address got into the system.
    I assume you set Vivaldi as default browser? It open in default browser or maybe anything they thought is a browser.

    What's the content of that tab?
    Except from @iAN-CooG link mentioning, I fail to find information about vararray online. Search engine only return me programming functions.
    Even then, in that link, it just marked as Potential Suspicious. No information of how, why or what.

    If I NS lookup domain, it return


    Addressess look like DNS.
    So maybe it's your DNS done this.

  • @dLeon

    Maybe DNS, but Vivaldi not yet set as default browser.

    Content of the tab is blank.

  • @escolar
    I see.

    Could I assume you already try with all extensions disable or clean Vivaldi profile?

    Further investigation to, brought me to
    This is advertiser. Registered under godaddy.
    I got a feeling one of your extension maybe cause it.

    Because it seem happen only in Vivaldi, naughty external applications can be ruled out, for now.

  • Thank you @dLeon.

    Haven't tried a clean profile yet but will.

  • @escolar Quick and simple way to check a clean profile is just rename the Default folder

    You can always rename it back or copy files for bookmarks etc if this solves problem.

  • Thanks @TbGbe.

    Good tip to know.

    At the moment it appears to have been an extension issue with Tab Reloader. After deleting it I haven't been able to replicate the problem so far. Should have known better as it hasn't been updated since 2012.

    After using Firefox for 15+ years I might be trying a little too hard to replicate functionality that I had gotten used to using FF extensions.

    Thanks also to iAN-CooG and dLeon for their input.


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