HTML5 Video Bug

  • HTML5 Video is still messed up or wont play on Vivaldi. Please fix before 1.7 is released on stable.

    VB-25437 - HTML5 Video flashing


  • @Tylorw1 Videos on Youtube play fine for me.
    I hope you gave a LOT more information in your bug report.

  • In the bug report I recorded what was happening to the videos, and posted where this was taking place and how I repeated it. It has been happening since before Christmas and I am not the only one to experience it. Why I made the thread was to reinforce the issue because not everyone uses Vivaldi snapshots, so it could heavily appear in the stable if not looked into/fixed.


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    Not reproducible for me with 1.7 Stable (32bit Win 10x64) on my NVida GT700.
    I cant see any glitches/jitter on the YT video.

  • I just updated on my laptop and it went away. My desktop I reset to default and it went away as well.

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    Nice to head all is gone.

    Sometimes a newer video driver fixes some strange effects.

    And sometimes a cold boot entering in DOS command box helps:
    shutdown -g -t 0
    As i know (i hope) this forces Windows to reread drivers at startup.

  • Actually, I just started watching YouTube and its flickering again. Sigh Guess have to use anything other than Vivaldi for video watching. Hopefully with the bug report they can figure it out.


  • Can confirm that it has been happening to me as well.

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    The devs try to investigate this Windows-only issue at this time.

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    I get this flicker on
    The video is set to Theater mode and (default) Medium quality.
    If i switch the video quality with the cog then the jitter disappears.

  • Getting flicker on almost all HTML5 videos, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, ...

    Even on video backgrounds like

    How can this goes to stable ?

    I happens on my main PC (Nvidia graphic card, latest driver), and on my Surface Pro 2 (Intel video chip), so it's not an Nvidia problem.

    Of course it does not happen with video hardware acceleration set to off in Vivaldi, but some website using WebGL just can't work, so I leave it on.

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    I got random videos flickering on my tablet (rarely), which obviously has low specs, but on my PC no video was ever flickering and I have the hardware acceleration enabled. I'm using nVidia GeForce graphic card with outdated drivers (376.53). 😁 I'm not sure what exactly causes those issues...

  • I am using NVIDIA on Desktop and Intel/NVIDIA on my laptop, and it happens on both using YouTube and Facebook. It is a Vivaldi issue because Opera, Chrome, etc. do not have this issue. Until a Dev is able to reproduce it, there cannot be a fix.

    So glad it is not only me. It seems not to happen on EVERY video but it happens often.



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