Tab colors

  • Hi, I'm Simone again.

    I tried in one on my Vivaldi browser on one of my platforms to have the bar tab in the bottom of the window, directly over the windows toolbar.

    I would like to have a feature that allows making the color of the tab bar just of one color that you decide, without changing on every tab you open relying on the page main color.
    I would like that because I want to make the tab bar of the same color of my windows toolbar.
    Would you add it for me?
    Thanks in advance.


  • There is nothing to add because it's already there.
    Go to settings --> Themes --> pick a theme that basically suits you --> click the pencil below --> untick the box "Accent Color from Active Page" --> done
    To change the color itself stay there and tweak around with the color settings than give it a new name and hit the save button
    (little note: I don't know if this was fixed yet but don't use the original name of the theme - there were some problems when you wanted to shift back - but as I said I don't know if this bug still exists)

  • I remember I didn't get what the "accent color from active page" box do.
    really really thanks for explaining that, with such speeds. 🙂

  • Your welcome - always happy to help


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