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  • Hi all.
    I really really like Vivaldi.
    I really like to personalize things and I do love the way you can just change everything in the way you want.

    I have a minimalistic simple request.

    I use Vivaldi in various areas, as a home browser, in my work computers etc. etc.
    And in some of that areas I love to have everything popping out and all the tabs I can get, but in other areas I like to make my interface as simple and minimalistic as possible and I can't see an option for removing the bookmark and the history tab from the start page, can you add that please?
    Pretty please!?


  • Moderator

    Check the Modifications forum.

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • @Motes
    There's one current way by using userstyle. Unfortunately, not "common user" friendly.
    As user, we could only do this until this matter could be handled.

    Hide the navigation bar on Start Page
    to apply that read;
    Modding Vivaldi
    The tutorial seem broken, probably after forum update. I believe it's not wrapped like that.

    I clean it up a bit

    We know you love customization.
    And you love it beyond using extensions and applying themes. Many of you started modifying Vivaldi's files either in order to work around bugs or to enhance Vivaldi with new features. For a fact we all do get impatient every now and then and hence we do get your reasoning. Changing the code however may lead to various issues up to the point where Vivaldi crashes or doesn't start at all anymore and may even compromise your security and privacy if you don't know what you're doing. This topic will hence provide some guidance and guidelines to you so you always stay on the safe side and keep having fun tinkering

    How do I...?
    Before you read on, be aware that you need knowledge of CSS and/or JavaScript depending on what you intend to do. So if you have no experience there whatsoever, this is not for you. If you do, keep on going. First, so as to "standardize" modding a bit, here's how our Sopranos who are testing our browser night and day and make sure that you don't experience any serious issues in snapshots do the modding. Basically there are two types of modifications:

    • Style that can be achieved with pure CSS
    • Functionality that works via JavaScript

    In any case there is only one single file in Vivaldi that you should ever need to modify. This file is located at YOURVIVALDIDIRECTORY\Application\VERSION\resources\vivaldi and called browser.html. You should back it up before you fiddle with it. You did the backup, right? OK, here's the fun part. To add some new style to Vivaldi do the following:

    • open browser.html
    • inside the head element, add the following line:
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="style/custom.css">
      (you can name the file as you like of course and also add multiple ones one line at a time)
    • finally add the custom.css file into the style folder. That's it. You're good to go. You can now start adding your custom CSS code right into your newly created file to alter Vivaldi's visuals.

    Adding new functionality works very similar:

    • open browser.html
    • inside the body element, add the following line:
      (again you can name the file as you want and also add multiple ones one line at a time)
    • finally add the custom.js file into the folder of browser.html

    And you're all set.

    I think something may be broken!
    If you do experience issues of any kind, please do always replace your browser.html
    file with your backup copy first, restart Vivaldi and check if your issues do persist. We'd really like to avoid bug reports that result from modified files as we can't reproduce them and this takes valuable time that could otherwise be spent on fixing bugs for you. So please keep this in mind. Great. I will. But you know, my mods are gone after each update!

    Yes, we know. We are discussing ways to make your life easier here, but for now your files will get wiped after each update. Hence you will need to copy your files into the appropriate folders each time. Be aware that your files may not be present after the update at all. So better store them some place safe outside the Vivaldi folder. We do have various little tools that can do the job for you, though. We will let you know about them shortly in a followup post. Until then, have fun making Vivaldi truly yours!


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