Vivaldi 1.7RC 2 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.39

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot is our second release candidate for 1.7 stable. It includes the privacy-focused as a new search engine option.

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  • la la la la

  • We already know that you going to release 1.7 tomorrow. You have already prepared an article on RSS feed for 8. February 🙂

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Nice to see RC2 and hope will not see RC3 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    We already know that you going to release 1.7 tomorrow. You have already prepared an article on RSS feed for 8. February

    The release is never 100% certain until we have checked for more feedback and finished some internal tests. We can always delay a release if it is required.

  • Moderator is my default search engine long time ago.

  • I could predict there will be another ranter for their bug not fix. 😆
    Don't expect anything major on RC (Release Candidate).

  • @dLeon That's not fair - now you have taken all elements of surprise out of my carefully prepared rant! I think I'll postpone it to the next build :p

    Nah, no rant today, looks good so far 🙂

    1. Opening a folder in the bookmarks bar and then moving cursor over others doesn't open them.
    2. Middle clicking link inside folder on the bookmarks bar closes the folder, making it difficult to open more than one link from inside a folder on the bookmarks bar.

    What about these? Will they ever gonna change or is the current behavior staying?

  • 😁 We've got the winner. 😁 🔝

  • I'm just curious - why not use vivaldi:flags for enable/disable history panel?

  • @mozpri: oh I see it's vivaldi://experiments/ 🙂

  • Moderator

    Crash. OS X 10.11.6. New, clean Vivaldi install, no customization.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Install Vivaldi 1.7.735.39 snapshot and launch it. Accept defaults on Welcome Page.
      -> Vivaldi Window opens with Start Page.

    2. Command-N (opens a new Vivaldi window with Start Page)

    3. Help / Community (opens Blog page in Window #2)

    4. Help / Community (opens 2nd Blog page in Window #2)

    5. Help / Community (opens 3rd Blog page in Window #2)

    6. Select the 3 Blog tabs and create a Tab Stack

    7. Right-click on Tab Stack, Move Tab Stack to -> Window with 1 Active Tab (Start Page)
      -> Tab stack gets moved to Window #1. On my system, only 1 tab in the stack works, the other two are blank tabs.

    8. Switch to one of the blank tabs

    9. File / Save Page As
      -> Vivaldi crashes.

    FYI, moving a Tab Stack to a new window or to a newer window (e.g. Window #1 to Window #3) works fine.

    Moving a Tab Stack to a previous window in the hierarchy (e.g. Window #2 to Window #1, Window #3 to Window #1, or Window #3 to Window #2) breaks tabs in the Tab Stack.

    The "Blank tabs in Tab Stack after move" issue has been previously confirmed on Windows and Linux as well. Some systems (apparently) don't crash if you Print or try to Save a "blank" tab.

    Edit: @ruario No need to remove the backtrace; it's done. I tried using the code block formatting so it wouldn't take up too much space. It looked fine in the Forum post but didn't render well in the Blog format. Sorry about that.

  • Thanks for VB-25563, that was quick!

  • @luetage: I have older snapshot 1.7.735.35 (i.e. it has history panel) and I can see checkbox for New History Page in experiments page too - and it's unchecked. So I'd say it is for different thing than history panel.

  • I have updated and search is not among the search engines.

    I have enabled History panel in vivaldi://experiments/ but it is turned off and I can't turn it on - after rightclick on the panel clicking on History does absolutely nothing.

    I have restarted Vivaldi several times and still no luck. Linux - 1.7.735.39 (Build oficial) dev (64 bits)

  • @nsheep: No, okay, sorry, I updated, checked checkbox and it enabled both history page and history panel. So it probably is osx issue.

  • Maybee it is a stupid question, but how can i get panel only with icons like in article's photo?

  • Vivaldi Team

    @xyzzy: Yes this is a bug. Thank you for reporting it ( I have actually seen you report it before). Yes it should be fixed but is it a regression from 1.6? No? ... Then at this stage I do not see it should hold up a release. You are not getting a worse product than 1.6 because of this bug, given it already existed.

    From the blog post above

    To help us get 1.7 out the door as soon as possible, please try and focus your feedback on serious regressions since 1.6 stable. If you want to ask about new (post 1.7) features or longstanding issues please do so on our forums.

    P.S. You crash stack is too long for a comment on the blog and would be more appropriate for a report to Therefore I have removed it.


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