Chrome Sync in Vavaldi

  • On the mac OS X version of Vivaldi the system "thinks" there is a Chrome Sync activated that interferes with Xmarks and LastPass. There does not appear to be a way to turn off Vivaldi Sync (if that is what is causing it). Can anyone help? Thanks.

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    @rcoulson1: There isn't any Vivaldi Sync yet, but soon will be. There's a Chrome sync capability embedded in Chromium, but it can't be accessed via the Vivaldi UI. I've never seen it interfere with either XMarks or LastPass, nor have I seen reports of that. However, we're in a better position to evaluate once Vivaldi's sync is released (should not be very long now).

  • Thanks Ayespy! Perhaps it's the Vivaldi password remember feature that is interfering with Xmarks. Every once in a while there is an Xmarks error page generated that suggests turning off Chrome Sync. It probably thinks Vivaldi is Chrome because of the Chrome kernal in Vivaldi.

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    @rcoulson1: Perhaps you can avoid that by making sure ONLY bookmarks sync is enabled in XMarks settings. I don't see that error page here on Windows.


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