History panel – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.29

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    @ruario said:

    Work continues as we progress to a 1.7 final in the (very) near future but before that happens we wanted to give you a final treat.

    Today’s snapshot includes a history panel. We also include an extra visual clue when a website requests password information over a non encrypted connection.

    History panel
    The new history panel provides convenient access to your browsing history, shown alongside the pages you are currently viewing. Thus it provides a new and much quicker way to locate a URL you visited before. The panel also includes search and date range options, to make it even easier to find that elusive URL.

    Passwords over HTTP
    Sending a password over a HTTP connection is a bad idea, so any website that attempts to request this will now have the text “not secure” added to its site badge.


    • [Regression][Mac] HTML date and time tag crashes onClick (VB-24001)
    • [Regression][Notes] attachment update crash: happened when dragging links (VB-25412)
    • [Regression] Crash while loading extensions page in private mode (VB-24846)
    • Add a history panel (VB-25446)
    • The setting for top level domain completion via Ctrl+Enter should be clearer (VB-25447)
    • Add an extra warning for http websites that request passwords (VB-23666)
    • Update the Linux signing key: Remove the old BF1700F8 key and add another for future usage (VB-11533)



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