Issue: Can't use input fields that have some JavaScript assigned to their onchange attribute

  • Hey there, here's something that I just came across working with (well, trying to work with) PhpMyAdmin: When I tried to add some new data to a table, and wanted to type a 1 into the first input field, Vivaldi all of a sudden switched to another tab. Those PhpMyAdmin input fields have their onchange attribute set, whenever their content changes, they performs a type check. It seems that during those few micro seconds that it takes to run that JavaScript type checking function, Vivaldi forgets that I'm currently typing in an input field and treats that 1 that I pressed as a shortcut. Typing numbers in other inputs fields or text areas is working just fine. (1234567890, see?) Here's what that input field looks like: [code]<input type="text" name="fields[multi_edit][0][e5623f1e915c1e9ea2d70fa46d83a9d9]" value="34" size="10" class="textfield" onchange="return verificationsAfterFieldChange('e5623f1e915c1e9ea2d70fa46d83a9d9', '0','int(10) unsigned')" tabindex="7" id="field_7_3">[/code] I'm using Vivaldi on a Debian 8 / Gnome system. This might well be happening on other platforms as well, but I can't check that at the moment. Maybe someone else should give it a try 🙂 Greetings Stefan EDIT: Just spotted that other thread where someone else reported this. Sorry!


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