Blank page to have start page background

  • I think it would be nice if the "Blank" page would use the background set for the start page as I'm using the dark theme and the white blank page is crazy bright in comparison.

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    It's already been requested. You can go there and vote for it if you wish.

    You may also want to check out the feature requests thread (as linked above) - there you can cast your votes for features that you'd like to see the most and post your own ideas if they haven't been added yet.

  • Instead of a blank page you could always use a specific page and let this page be a file on your computer with a background you create. A simple and fast solution, and you don't need to wait for Vivaldi to handle your issue.

    And if you don't know how to make a html file and link to it from your computer you can also use this instead of a blank page:

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    @luetage I'm very curious how would you like to implement that?

  • @pafflick

    <!doctype html>
        <meta charset="utf-8" />
      <body bgcolor="#000000"> 

    Open a text editor, copy and paste this code and save the file. Open Vivaldi settings and in tab settings choose specific page instead of blank page for New Tab Page. Then simply input the whole path to your file. On osx this is for example

  • @luetage
    I think you & @Memphiz talk a different things.

    @Memphis request is related to in between white flash when page loading. A known issue if you use Vivaldi dark theme.

  • @dLeon Nope, I don't think so. He is specifically talking about using a blank page, which is always white. The flashing is actually not white but grey in my case.

  • @luetage
    I see. Maybe I'm confused.

    @Memphiz ask for Start Page. The Start page Vivaldi settings already has tweakable Color only option.

    If we're also talking about Homepage; then just point it to vivaldi://startpage after we set Start Page color. No need external file.

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    @luetage said in Blank page to have start page background:

    Open Vivaldi settings and in tab settings choose specific page instead of blank page for New Tab Page.

    But we're talking about blank pages, not the "New Tab Pages"... Setting this as "New Tab Page" is pointless, as you can use empty Speed Dial page to achieve similar result without creating any extra files.

  • @luetage said in Blank page to have start page background:

    @dLeon Nope, I don't think so. He is specifically talking about using a blank page, which is always white. The flashing is actually not white but grey in my case.

    Please see for background information.

    I think the issue depends on what exactly OP means by "blank" page.

    I use a global style with a nearly black background for web pages. My home page, which is also my start page, is a local file containing frequently accessed links and it too has the nearly black background.

    Situation 1: I left-click on one of the links, say, It opens without any trace of a grey or white flash even if the page takes a while to load.

    Situation 2: I right-click on the same link and choose Open Link in New Tab. There's a totally white, totally blank page until the actual page opens with my dark background. The duration of this whiteness depends on how long the actual page takes to load.

    Situation 3: I right-click on the same link and choose Open link in New Background Tab. I click on that new, background tab only after I know that the page is totally loaded. This time, for a very brief duration I get a grey, totally blank page after which the actual page immediately loads. This only happens once for each link opened this way. In other words, if I move away from this tab to another and then come back to it, there's no grey flash and the actual page renders immediately.

  • Wow.. this discussion blew up quickly 😃

    To clarify:
    I'm using blank because if anything else than blank is used I can't hit CTRL+T and start typing right away (as Vivaldi starts loading whatever page is selected, I have to wait for its completion and jump into the URL box using CTRL+L then). I usually go, CTRL+T -> SearchTerm -> Enter (as my URL bar is set to allow searches), and voila, googled it. I tried the approach using the html page as @luetage suggested but that also leads to 1-2 sec delay and i don't get the cursor placed in the URL bar. Even if the start page is set to, this delay causes the first few characters of my search term to not being captured. Therefore I'd like if the blank page by default (wherever it gets his background from) is set to a color that matches the theme because it does put your cursor into the URL box immediately.

    The flashing white page in between loading of pages is annoying as well but I know this is WIP already.

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    @Memphiz I wonder what your machine specs are since I have no noticeable delay here when opening a new tab with Speed Dial containing 100+ bookmarks (it takes less than half a second to open). And the URL bar is always focused automatically, so there has to be something wrong with your setup if you're experiencing such huge delays. Perhaps you have too many tabs opened and/or use too many extensions? 🤔

  • If you set for example, loading speed depends on the companies proxy etc. This i can circumvent with blank but then i have the white page.

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    @Memphiz Nah, that's probably the worst idea - you open Google each time you open a new tab and it also steals the focus from the address bar. But I tested it and it also takes less than one second on my PC to open a new tab with Google's homepage in it.

  • @pafflick Well this also comes down to how good your internet connection is, take a page that loads slow and youll have the delay. I was surprised as well that @luetage's approach with the html page stored locally was so slow but anyway, that's not the point. I have no problems with using blank, i just need it to not have this crazy contrast compared to the theme.

  • @Memphiz Indeed really strange. For me the loading of the local file maybe takes a quarter second (on a pretty old laptop). It's true the focus isn't in the address bar and that's of course an issue.

    Edit: Funny thing, I compared the loading times of Vivaldi's blank page and the local file approach and they take exactly the same amount of time in my case -- the blank page flashes too before it loads completely.

  • I just popped in to share

    FYI this bug will be fixed in the stable channel with Chrome 59, which will be released in about 12 weeks. In the meantime you will be able to see it in Canary within a day, or Dev within a week.

    So the white flash may finally be history!

  • I hope people who keep asking "when" anywhere in this forum read that tread.
    8+ years to fix. 😆

  • The white flash has very nearly been eliminated in Google Chrome v59. So Vivaldi users will get the benefit as soon as a version of Vivaldi based on Chromium 59 is released.

  • @dLeon It will take them at least eight years to learn to stop asking — then another new user comes along.


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