single click clean all browser data

  • I often want to clean my browser data.
    Within the occuring window I need to select each time:

    • all ( instead of last hour)
    • choose 13 options ( none of them is selected by default)

    This is very annoying, as the default is inverse to my plans.
    There should by an option to select everything to maximum cleaning or vivaldi should remember the last setting.

  • Hi, copy/paste vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#pri
    to address field to get access to Chrome privacy settings until Vivaldi get these options. It is a workaround but work.

    Cheers, mib

  • @nebelfuerst
    The one in Menu > Tools still buggy. It work but options not preserved.

    Open History Page (Ctrl+H) instead. It's like old Chromium/Chrome one. You'll know what to do next. And options will be preserved too.

    I believe all of these is under heavy overhaul. There's experimental History Page for example.

  • What I do is save a "Clear History" bookmark to the Bookmarks Bar with the url chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
    Gets it down to 2 clicks.
    Depending on your other bookmarks and the "prefer bookmarks" autocomplete setting it may also autocomplete in address bar by typing "cl".
    I wouldn't normally have the bookmarks bar showing but it's a trade off for now.


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