Save/Restore Tab Stacks

  • Hi

    I thought saving and restoring tab stacks independently can be a great feature.
    For example you have 10-12 tab stack each 7-8 pages, it will be a lot. But if you don't need some tab stacks right now, you can save these tab stacks and close them, because you can reopen later if you need.

    I wonder what you think about this feature.


  • @afshin.pir
    You could relatively do that already.
    Use Vivaldi "Save Open Tabs as Session..."

    • Move any tabs you don't want to other window.
    • In current your stacked tabs window, go to File > Save Open Tabs as Session... > Name the session & tick "Save Only Tabs In Current Window > Save. Close this window if you wish.
    • When you use "Open Saved Session...", your collection will be there, forever until you delete them.

  • Or, here's an alternative recipe [not necessarily available in old V versions]:

    1. Right-click on the target tab-stack
    2. Select option "Bookmark Tab Stack"
    3. To retrieve, now or later, open either Bookmark Panel, or Bookmark Manager.
    4. Down the bottom will be a new entry, "Stack" -- that's YOUR tab-stack.
    5. Edit the bookmark's name &/or location, if you prefer.
    6. Repeat as needed.
    7. Add condiments to taste.
    8. Serve piping hot.

  • Thanks both replies.
    I will try them, although it seems bookmark method is more easier.

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