RSS Reader on Web Panels Workaround

  • Wow, I just installed Vivaldi today and I'm already loving it. I'm just saddened it doesn't have a native RSS reader yet. But considering it's on 1.6, it shows great promise!

    Even though RSS is not built-in to Vivaldi, I seem to have found a workaround. The end result of this workaround is something like RockMelt, if you still remember that GORGEOUS browser, which had its feeds in a sidebar just like web panels.

    And you can get this in 3 easy steps:

    1. Sign up for a basic RSS reader called "Feedspot".

    2. Once signed in and imported your feeds, organize your feeds into different folders, to your preference.

    3. Navigate to a specific folder, and once it's done loading, add it to the Web Panel.

    Voila! A simple way to get your RSS feeds on the web panel, with image thumbnail and snippet of the news. You can even middle-click the article title to open it in a new background tab!

    The only downside is that regardless of the feed/folder, the icon will always be Feedspot's and not the original feed's.

    Hope this comes in handy for someone!

  • Great idea, but unfortunately doesn't work for sites where you need an authenticated session for.

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