Macbook pro Trackpad support, along with keyboard text shortcuts

  • After attempting to set up forward/backward and other custom gestures, through app specific trackpad gestures I find that not even "BetterTouchTool" is able to remedy it. Forward/backward gesture support is fairly necessary for power users regardless of whether they're using OSX, Windows, IOS or otherwise. Touch is integrated in nearly all major operating systems. And to be frank, its kind of a buzz kill to have to migrate the mouse clicker to the same static arrow button just to troll the internet in a rapacious manner for its contents. Also missing is support for text expander applications, namely in my case the one built into OSX mavericks within system preferences under keyboard text section Hoping the developers are very open to the ideas/suggestions being submitted to them. I think the basic premise is wonderful; create a modern, fast web-browser, geared toward people that actually recognize the internet is a powerful utility that demands powerful software to fully use it.


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