Help with Developer Tools

  • Hello, is there a description available which explains all possibilities offered by the 'Developer Tools' ?
    Particularly I would like to know the difference between 'Elements' and 'Sources'.
    Wherefrom does the browser get the information shown in 'Elements' ?

    I want to scrap a website in Python and in 'Elements' I can see that there is a video file (*.mp4), but you can't find this video file in the 'Sources' .....

  • Since Vivaldi is based on Chromium, it has the same dev tools as Google Chrome does, so you can search the web for explanations and tutorials of Chrome's developer tools and most of the things should apply to Vivaldi as well.

    In the Chrome Web Store there are also extensions that can list and/or download videos and images from web pages, probably excluding some DRM-protected media files and streams.

  • @kumiponi: Thank you, the advice with Chromium is sufficient.


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