Pls add a direct link for x64 installer on TOP of front page

  • Guys, I really hate keep installing the wrong version of browser every time I updating it from Why bury the x64 download link at the BOTTOM of the page? Why can't u just add a direct link for x64 installer along with the x32 download button? Or better yet, just give the correct installer when u ask someone to click on that "Download" button.

    I know most people still using x32 OS, but x64 OS is on the rise, so can u give x64 OS better support on the front page?

    TQ for listening to my rant.

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    The two "Download" link on try to detect your current OS & try to choose what current best. list all current download able Vivaldi any OS links.
    Bookmark this one instead?

  • @bugmenot3
    the Windows 32bit (x86, not x32) version is still the reccomended one over the 64bit (x64) because people often reported the x64 having more troubles. Vivaldi reccomends what's best for most.

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    @bugmenot3 If you take a look at any of the blog posts considering Snapshot releases, you can find out which version of Vivaldi (32 or 64-bit) is recommended for which operating system. Here's an example from Vivaldi 1.7RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.36:

    Download (1.7.735.36)

    • Windows: 32-bit for Win7+ (Recommended) | 64-bit for Win7+
    • macOS: 10.9+
    • Linux DEB: 64-bit (Recommended) | 32-bit
    • Linux RPM: 64-bit (Recommended) | 32-bit

    As @iAN-CooG already said, the 32-bit version of Vivaldi is still recommended for both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows.

  • Thanks guys for the recommendation.

    But is it SAFE to switch to x86 version from x64?
    Will it corrupt the profile after i switched?

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    @bugmenot3 It shouldn't cause any issues, but making a backup of your profile is never a bad idea. 😉

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    @bugmenot3: It should not affect it. The profile is bit-width agnostic.

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