Vivaldi 1.7RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.36

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    @g_bartsch: It probably looked fine. But there were some problems. I think it was partially disabled in the Release Candidate, and will be out of the Stable - then back in for subsequent snapshots (as part of History in the Making?) for further refinement in anticipation of a full release in Stable 1.8

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    @ayespy: It is the Speed Dial History page.

    It is 'fine' on the speed dial history page. My bad in the post above.

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  • Talk about changes ...until I took the time to hack my way trough reading all this I was LOST in space.

    Lots of very good changes will take a while to learn and use so much there on browser as well as blog. Thanks So far no problems.

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