Vivaldi 1.7RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.36

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot is our first release candidate for 1.7 stable and includes improvements to our new history panel.

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  • Vivaldi Team

    This post is deleted!

  • Nice. Another one.
    Wonder if this what I think it is.
    Extensions popup not scrolling if content exceeds screen size (VB-13241)

  • Vivaldi Team

    This post is deleted!

  • Thanks.
    I still have the same problem as in the previous snapshot. If I delete the History from vivaldi://history (clear browsing data), everything still appears in the history panel …

    Win7x64 Vx32

  • Holy Macaroni, it is!
    Extensions popup not scrolling if content exceeds screen size (VB-13241)
    Good job devs!

  • @helsten2 it's the same issue as deleting from
    downloads in panel are still there

  • @dleon: uMatrix now has a scrollbar for example 🙂

  • @iAN-CooG
    Yes, that's what I mean.
    I also uMatrix user.

  • [Regression] Cannot change search engine in search field with Japanese UI (VB-25427)
    this fix also includes implicitly a fix for my report
    (VB-24824) Too many Search Engines set cause a bug in Search field
    Now I have 25 engines defined and the bug doesn't show up when selecting them in the search field. Good work.
    Still happens that the other dropdown list of keyword only reacts to shift-down, and not on clicking the right down triangle icon.
    BUT if I open the settings with ctrl-p, the triangle icon reacts again on mouse click. I'll open another report just in case.

  • @isak said in Vivaldi 1.7RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.7.735.36:

    Today’s snapshot is our first release candidate for 1.7 stable and includes improvements to our new history panel.

    Click here to see the full blog post

    the link points to
    while it should be

  • Strangely enough I got the update maybe an hour before this post appeared. Seems faster than the previous one.

  • @LAMBDA471
    Well, people will complain other wise if the update blog come first than installer/package availability on Vivaldi server.

  • Could you PLEASE investigate why I get videos in fullscreen in separate window? It's very inconvenient and I can't see parts of picture. It only happens with Flash players, but oddly Opera doesn't suffer from this issue, so it should be fixable. Just check, they still use Flash sadly... 😞

  • @tokrcz: Looks fine here. Are you using a multi-screen setup by any chance? Also I'm not entirely sure I understand how it looks for you..

    Win 10/ Vivaldi 64bit

  • @mtaki14: No way! I am currently stuck with my laptop, because my desktop collapsed. But it still occured there as well. Yet I may have a hint: I use Linux Mint 18.1 x64 with Cinnamon as DE. This bug is present with current stable as well as testing branch of Vivaldi. For a looong time. I just hoped it would be polished over time with new versions, but it seems otherwise. Thanks for taking notice!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @tokrcz: Yeah, it's an old known issue affecting only Linux, when native decoration is on. That bug is present since day one. I try to push them to fix it, but didn't succeed yet.

  • @tokrcz: I managed to make a video of this issue, so feel free to see for your own eyes.

  • Login won't work for me and I have no idea what to do...

  • Moderator

    Hi. Just did some quick testing and there are still some outstanding new bugs and regressions.

    Regression: (this snapshot) After upgrade, Vivaldi launches with the correct window size but new windows get opened with the default window size, centred in the screen. Closing Vivaldi and relaunching didn’t fix the problem. It worked correctly after purging my profile, a fresh profile that was only created a few hours prior to the update. (Has anyone else on any platform run into this?)

    Major Bug/Regression: Create a Tab Stack of 3 tabs (real web pages, not internal pages) in Window #2, then move it to Window #1 (by right-clicking on the Stack and moving it using the menus). The Tab Stack moves intact but contains blank zombie tabs. Interacting with one of those “blank zombies” (e.g. with File / Save Page As) crashes Vivaldi. In my opinion, this should be a release blocker for v1.7 since it can result in a crash, and is apparently a cross-platform bug.

    Regression: (this snapshot) Command-W no longer closes the Preferences window.

    Bug: Even with all of the “Typed History” options unchecked, entries in the History section of the URL bar dropdown still get created and can only be deleted manually.

    Bug: Clicking “Clear Browsing Data…” from Start Page / History on Window #2 opens the “Clear browsing data” UI on Window #1.

    Bug: “Tools / Clear Private Data” still doesn’t remember selections.

    On a positive note, I’m happy to report that the Updater worked just fine.

    Kudos also for restoring the “disable” button in the Plugin UI that the Chrome folks took out in 56.0.2924.87!

    Thanks very much for another great release and good luck with the Vivaldi 1.7 launch!

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