[4 BUGs] Open link with dead tab, wrong tab position, drag & drop text & randomly forgot login status

    1. recently i discover vivaldi sometimes will open link on a new tab without any content, with only the URL display on the address bar but not loading or doing anything at all. If i highlight the URL & press ENTER key, vivaldi will still doing nothing, that tab have become completely useless.

    2. I also notice sometimes vivaldi will suddenly stop remember all login status. For example, when i visit certain website which require membership, vivaldi cant keep me login after i successfully login into a website, & when i opened a new tab or go to a link in the same website, the login status is not recognize by the website. Every time when this happened, i have to restart vivaldi to fix the problem.

    3. Sometimes vivaldi will open new tab at the last position instead of next to active tab. I have setup vivaldi to always open tab next to active, & usually I open link with middle-click.

    4. Try highlight some text on address bar, then drag & drop it into the search bar. Result is nothing appear in the search bar, but the highlighted text are GONE.

    That's all for now. TQVM

  • @bugmenot3
    I'm not sure if you're only reporting or asking for help.

    1. Sometime ago this regularly happen. But it I don't recall ever stumble this behavior on some pass snapshots. You don't give sample sites.
    2. No idea what happen there. Never happen to me. You don't give sample sites.
    3. This I could relatively confirm. On, latest snapshot it's even more funny, my new tab sometime open on left side of active tab.
    4. I could confirm this one. The dragged word/text disappear.

  • Just reporting bugs, not sure where to report so I just post it here.

    bug 1 & 2 are randomly occur on any website, so it's not related to website compatibility, cuz i can't reproduce the bug everytime on the same website, it just happened sometimes while i browsing with vivaldi.

  • @dLeon
    For (1) at least now we now it still sometime happen. Maybe related to how the site coded page opening.
    For (2) probably the most hard to track. As we will need membership & depended to moon phase. 😁

    Anyway, if you think it reasonable to report bug, go here;

  • @bugmenot3 (1) seems to be the same as discussed in
    (and the thread referred to in the first post)

    Might be worth a look through to see what sort of questoins have already been asked.

    (2) This sounds like a cookie handling problem. What cookie settings do you have in Vivaldi and do you have any extensions installed.

    (3) This sounds like a parsing confusion between opening and closing tabs (each of which has a related or next/previous setting) and manually changing tab position(s). Not sure if all possible combinations are being handled correctly, but have seen same outcome as @dLeon on rare occasions. (But I've never seen it when I have so many tabs open that it causes me a real problem).

    P.S. If you do wish to make bug reports, be sure to do separate reports for each problem.

  • Bug 3 & 4 still exist in 1.7 stable.

    both bugs are reported.


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