More readable icons with large number of tabs

  • Yes, a 3rd-party extension can help sort tabs, but it'd be nice if the tabs themselves were more readable when having lots of them open. I often have 50+ tabs open, and they get very small. Compare how they look on another browser vs. Vivaldi. With the other browser, the icons are small but distinguishable. Vivaldi has lots of empty icon space and basically turns the icon into a small blob of color.

    alt text

    alt text

    I just started using Vivaldi, and I'd like to say how impressive the features are. It has things that are expected but that certain other fairly popular browsers still don't have, such as easy import/export of bookmarks. Things like Tab Stacking could use more features, such as being able to expand the entire group with one click and then stack it again with one click, but at least the current Tab Stacking exists at all.

  • @FM2
    I'm curious, why not use Vertical Tabs if you open a lot of tabs. This would make tabs easier to look at.
    Other than that,

    • ALT+w, will open tabs list menu.
    • Quick Command (F2) also list opened tabs.

  • You can set a minimum width using CSS:

    .tab-position .tab {  
        min-width: 15px !important;

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    Just use Popup Thumbnails with tab-stacks.

    0_1486215223886_Popup Thumbnails.png

  • Side tabs is an option for people, and if I slide its window pane left and cut off the tab names to save space, the icons are still easy to see, but they are kind of far apart currently, and to see all of them requires sliding the scroll bar.

    It's sort of like websites (and some browsers) that hide commonly used functions. They try to make the site so clean-looking and bare, but then every time you want to interact with the site, such as to use the search button, you have to click a button to bring up a hidden button or menu first.

    Though it's nice on the Vivaldi side tabs to have an actual scroll bar for that and not left-right arrows (when having the tab bar at the top) like some browsers do.

    I also prefer top tabs since, the way I position windows for multitasking, left-right edge space is more important than top-bottom. Hmm, it might be nice if tab bar on top could use an optional scroll bar. But not scroll buttons. Hate scroll buttons.

    As a new Vivaldi user, (and having tried to replace Opera 12 since it became extinct), your hotkey tips saves me from looking for an extension that can do that since I didn't think it could do it and haven't fully read the manual yet. Thanks. A list of tabs like that comes in handy at times, but I'm still mostly a see-and-click'er, and even though my screenshot shows 125 tabs open, a lot of them are used often, and I know which is which by placement and icon. Vivaldi cuts off the icons quite a bit and makes that more difficult.

    I know most people don't have 50, 100, 125 tabs open, and some that do use the pop-up list shortcuts and tab managing extensions, but there is a lot of excess space on the small tabs as can be seen in my screenshot, so if the devs get around to making the icons more readable, great. They currently have an overlapping look to them, which arguably makes them look more stylish than in the other screenshot, but they are less functional.


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